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Treat anxiety with mindfulness.  Another way to look.  Fitness III

Treat anxiety is one of those statements that are the order of the day in a society so hyperaccelerated like this in which we live. The mindfulness or mindfulness techniques help you work with anxiety.


If what is at issue is to treat anxiety why not change his point of view ?.

If ever, even if it was for a moment, you sense what is commonly called anxiety, know well what I mean.


On what is this anxiety, I share with you a video cartoon that makes it clear:

I consider myself an expert because I have suffered . I know what it is and what I speak. It’s no joke, but I tell you that you can say goodbye and treating anxiety in a natural way with a profound change of perspective on it.

We assume that so moderate, both stress and anxiety, are necessary for our survival as a species. Let me put a simple example.

Imagine going down a dark alley and two types go your way with faces few friends. Indeed, stress is triggered and anxiety is critical to serve as a warning that something does not look good and that in milliseconds you have to make the decision to stay or flee.

Well, the problem as humans is when those anxiety and stress levels remain at high levels and persist over time. So treat anxiety is fundamental. It’s when it’s time to stand up.

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the titanic struggle to treat anxiety levels and go down begins.


I remember the time when I suffered high rates of anxiety and stress, how cortisol levels were triggered and how it disappeared when I won the battle. And that anxiety and stress have their physiological repercussions if you do not treat time can lead to serious diseases . It’s no nonsense.

Our problem humanoids of the century, is subjected to high doses of stress, anxiety is triggered as an effect of thought on “automatic mode”. Our “crazy above , ” our head is constantly generating thoughts and many of them very poor quality and we usually tend to become attached extremely easily.

When we do not own those thoughts, but we take them as part of our self, we become what we think and believe that what we think is reality.

Treat anxiety is to treat the “junk thoughts”

“On Monday, when I go to work, my boss put me out on the street. I know because the other day I did not say hello to meet in the elevator “ and you spend the whole weekend with a triggered anxiety and nerves to the skin.

On Monday, when you get to work, your boss greets you kindly and it turns out it was because Friday had just received bad news for the death of a relative.

Permit me the term when treating anxiety: “mental pie” . I put the example above, what happens is you have “mental fog” or “sickening thought” , that strong.

Well, our mind has a habit of being all day preparing disgusting “mental pies” to which we adhere, as I said before, with full force.

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But when you begin to treat anxiety, I recommend start working with meditation. It is to take charge of our lives to realize that what happens in our head, is not always real, but due to toxic thinking or “cognitive distortions”

treat anxiety

The have a good emotional balance is critical to treat anxiety


If you are being treated or treated by a specialist for depression, anxiety or stress, I do not tell you to leave ‘let alone !!, but you are clear that medication often used to mask the true causes of these disorders. I have experience, I assure you .

The principle of the solution for a healthy lifestyle when treating anxiety, you start working on your relationship with these negative thoughts, these “cognitive distortions” and a clever way to do this is to practice meditation. Proceed to establish a relationship of mere observers.

Those thoughts are not you. You’re something else. Your essential self is directing your life and your plans.

Learn to distinguish between voice alarm stress or anxiety that warns you of danger, and false alarms than you think real, it is essential to start treating anxiety.

The practice of mindfulness or mindfulness , is an excellent tool for learning to interact with the automatic thought process which is usually the starter of anxiety and stress.

If you want to dig a little deeper on the subject, and although it is more focused on the subject of depression, I recommend that you work with these two good manuals that are a classic and although not specifically mindfulness techniques, if they have to see each again.

They are books-manuals Doctor David D.Burns. Aqu’ñi you leave the links for you to discover:

“Feel good. A new therapy against depression “

“The manual exercises feel good”

And some items Blog where you can expand information on how to treat anxiety:

Remedios antianxiety

-Looking for happiness.

In short, when it comes to treating anxiety, it must be clear that, in addition to good management of your time, you have to work in the field of relationship with your thought process , because it is from there, from where they usually start All the problems.

I insist that both the practice of Yoga, and meditation are good tools to stop this process. To me they helped me a lot, so I hope they can be of help.

And always remember that yes, you can, it is possible to overcome stress and anxiety. Nobody said it was easy, but I say it’s possible.

And when you begin to practice meditation, here I leave a link so you start to try. And of course, if you have not already, subscribe to Plenacción. Cheer up!!

Learn to meditate at home:

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