How to learn to meditate

How to learn to meditate

“Meditation for Beginners” Jack Kornfield Editorial Kairos

Today I bring to the BiblioMind one of those simple, but no manual intense about learning something, like learning to meditate. This time, in just a hundred pages.

Well if you’ve already started your practice, well if you have no idea that this “get to meditate” every day, the book of Jack Korfield, I’m sure, will open a window to a new world as is to get started in the path of serenity. All human beings seek happiness and we do a thousand different ways, most of them facing aguera; looking for gold in recondite landscapes, when the mine simply is in each of us.

Kornfield, which, among others, has two books that I plan to speak here and if you are interested in practice, you should stop reading ( “path with heart” and “After the ecstasy, the laundry,” both in publishing March hare) leads the book that I now recommend the basics of meditation practice to learn the essentials and know persevere in their practice taking it to everyday life.

The author, writer, doctor in psychology and Buddhist monk us deep into practice through 6 simple meditations contained on a DVD that accompanies the book.

You know that I make no apology from plenacción of any religion or ideology. I want to convey, as from a well-understood laicism of thought, it is possible to use traditional and powerful tools that help our personal, professional and sports development. Therefore, do not have to be Buddhist, or you have because “do Buddhist”, Catholic, Jewish or Muslim, for each day, reserve a space of silence for you to connect with our essential and resposicionarte to everything that you live.

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In the end, when we talk about meditation, we are talking about health in capitals. Something already proven scientifically and brings significant benefits for the mind, but also for our body.

This manual also learn to do something essential when practicing mindfulness and is nothing but again be aware of your breath. The very act of breathing that is what gives us life every second.

Cultivate this action in everyday life, as the author says, “it is one of the most important aspects of meditation”.

Do not procrastinate. As the song says “Today may be a good day, plantéatelo and” something for beginners and -seguro- become a fundamental part of your life. Being aware of the present moment through breathing and be there now.



Meditation for Beginners



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