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Massage with tissue pouches – Pinda Sweda

Massage with tissue pouches - Pinda Sweda 3

Pinda Sweda- vigorous massage using tissue pouches filled with a mixture of special varieties of rice and medicinal herbs in the healing of heated oil. During the massage the bags periodically warmed in medicinal oils and herbal teas, which increases the thermal effect on the body.

During the massage the body intensively massaged, rubbed and warmed.
Particular attention is paid to the joints and Marmo – biologically active points. Accurate fabric bags skin touch eliminates from the surface of dead skin flakes of the epidermis, thereby cleaned sebaceous glands, blood vessels begin to work more actively, since the flow of oxygen to them is enhanced. The skin becomes beautiful, radiant and full of life.

Massage herbal bags exerts a powerful effect on the central nervous system, the nerve and muscle fibers, in the circulation system and the skin. During the massage herbal bags enhanced sweating, which leads to rapid body cleansing products from metabolic processes in the tissues. By speeding up the metabolism herbal bags massage helps to relieve pain in patients with lesions of the joints and rheumatic. Train of thermoregulation of the organism is carried out due to the fact that the touch bag warmed temperature fluctuations occur on the skin.

In addition to mechanical and thermal effects of massage with herbal bags has aromatherapy effects, as in pouches contains a special blend of herbs. Under the influence of heat, useful plant extracts used for this massage, actively penetrate into the body. Thus, the combination of aroma therapy, massages and thermal effects with extracts of medicinal herbs has a significant positive effect.

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Benefits Pinda Sweda

All the healing power of Indian herbs in combination with the oil has an unrivaled effect on the body: releases stagnant energy, improves circulation, relieves spasms, pain and stiffness, tones the muscles and skin, eat the body’s tissues and nerve fibers, has a strong relaxing effect. Due to the positive effects on the heart and vascular system, massage with herbal bags helps reduce blood pressure.

Pinda Sweda strengthens the body, increases its tone and slows the aging process. Massage effectively helps with prolonged stress, and is also ideal for active lifestyles.

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