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Drawing pain in the leg: complex causes and simple solutions

Have you ever, climbing out of bed, to feel tingling or dull pain in the thigh and lower leg.
Sometimes these unpleasant sensations occur after intense exercise or long sitting. The cause of the discomfort is a pinched sciatic nerve. Why is this happening and how to solve this problem tells yogaterapevt Igor Kazachinsky.

Drawing pain in the thigh and lower leg is under a whole chain of causes.
Discomfort arise from the sciatic nerve entrapment. The sciatic nerve, in turn, is clamped due to overexertion piriformis buttocks. And buttocks are hypertonia because of typical problems in the lower back – herniated L5-S1. Musculoskeletal system of man – integrated system, and if you are worried about the pain in her leg, the root cause is not usually the leg, and not even the gluteal muscles and the lumbar spine.

A sedentary lifestyle and risk of injury

Problems in the lower back caused by two factors: the way of life and injury.
As a rule, one follows the other.

Prolonged sitting, with a rounded back when not supported by the natural bend at the waist (lordosis) pererastyagivaet muscles in this area.
They are weakened and can not effectively perform its function of protecting and supporting disks. For a man who does not work specifically on strengthening the muscles around the spine by the age of 30, after 10 years of sitting in school, 5 years at the Institute and another 5 years in the office of the weakening of the lumbar muscles guaranteed. Thus, this region is becoming very vulnerable to injuries.

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Lumbar injury occurs when a person leaning lifts something heavy, and at the same time turned to the side.
In women, a few decades ago, an extremely common cause of lumbar injury was hand-washing clothes and washing floors without a mop. The men are extremely dangerous situation has been and remains a wheel change on the car when the person is in the long slope razbortiruya wheel, then raises his considerable weight and makes the body turn putting the wheel to the side. The intervertebral disk L5-S1 injury occurs, which after some time will manifest itself in leg pain.

Task number 1: to relieve pain

Despite the fact that the root of the problem is the weakness of the lumbar muscles and injury in this department, the first in what people need – remove unpleasant symptoms, take away the pain.
This is best suited soft stretching exercises relieve tension from the piriformis muscle buttocks, which pinched sciatic nerve.

Drawing pain in the leg: complex causes and simple solutions 5

A simple and very effective exercise to relax the piriformis muscle is a pigeon pose.
One leg is bent and the foot is directed under the thigh of your extended leg. You can omit the body on the mat. This posture for relaxation and recreation. It is very useful after an intense workout, but can be performed as an independent exercise in the evening or during the day.

Sometimes, to relieve pain quite a few minutes to relax deeply in the pose of a dove, to remove the discomfort of showing in his leg.
On average,

-terapevticheskaya work on the removal of pain takes at this issue from an average of a few days to a couple weeks.

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Despite the fact that the symptoms can be removed very quickly if you do not deal with the root cause of their pain will be back soon again.
Therefore, from a tactical issue, you need to go to the strategic.

Problem № 2: strengthen the waist

the work strategy of the lumbar will differ depending on the type of disorders of the lumbar spine.
This can be as a flattening of the lumbar lordosis and excessive lordosis. Almost always, in this case, there is a herniation of the lumbar.

If the lumbar muscles stretched and weak, they need to be strengthened if they are short, you need to gently stretch them, and then again strengthened.
The main work should be directed to the square lumbar muscles and lumbar-iliac muscle. It is also important to strengthen the abdominal muscles, which in some cases act as synergists loin muscles (helping to maintain the body) and, in the other as antagonists (performing movements of flexion / extension).

Work to strengthen and improve the waist requires more time.
Usually it is a few months of independent practice for 15-20 minutes every day.

When the lumbar yogaterapii most effective force deflection.
Deflections should be deep and without seizures, carried out static and long-lasting hold. Perfect standard reference posture Locust (
Shalabhasana ), hated by many, but very useful for the lower back muscles.

Drawing pain in the leg: complex causes and simple solutions 6


For people who are forced to lead a sedentary lifestyle may reduce the risk of injuries of the lumbar.
To do this, first of all, yoga therapists recommend daily work to strengthen the lumbar muscles and relaxing the buttocks. You can use the exercises above. Of course, it does an excellent job with this task scheduled yoga classes with a professional instructor.

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During the day, he sat down on the chair back down the buttocks back, helping to maintain the natural lordosis of the lower back and try to maintain this position as long as possible.
Initially, it can be 3-5 minutes. As you build muscle, you will be able to maintain the correct position for a long time, the waist.

In order to avoid overvoltage buttocks, especially if the chair is quite hard, it is very useful to sit on a small comfortable cushion.

Be healthy!


To learn how to restore the health of the lower back and forget about the unpleasant symptoms yogasecrets.ru told yogaterapevt Igor Kazachinsky.


Igor Kazachinsky practicing yoga with 1992. Participant of seminars Reinhard Gamenthallera, Sidersky Andrei, Sergei Agapkina, Denis Zikeeva. Certified as a teacher Yoga23 in 2008. Since 2009 teaches art Yoga -Nidry (in Yoga23 version, the classic version Satyananda Swami Saraswati, in the author’s version of ” Yoga Nidra 2.0″). Practicing yoga practitioner since 2013.


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