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Height: Which type of yoga should you do to grow taller? When and how much should you do?

Height: Which type of yoga should you do to grow taller? When and how much should you do? 5

Gain stature naturally – 5 yoga poses to increase height

A tall, thin figure is what all women want to have, but very few are blessed. While you can still achieve a lean body with so many weight loss methods available, it is not so easy to increase our height after a certain age.

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Height: Which type of yoga should you do to grow taller? When and how much should you do? 6


No matter how attractive a long, lean body looks, human height is controlled primarily by genetics, nutrition, exercise and age. However, it is still possible to increase your height even after puberty by practicing certain yoga asanas regularly. Below are 5 best yoga postures to increase height: 1. ‘Greeting to the Sun’ or ‘Surya Namaskara’

This yoga posture has been practiced since ancient times for a number of reasons and the increase in height is one of the most common among them. This is basically a series of 12 asanas or different postures, which must be done at least twice a day, at dawn and dusk, in the following sequence:

Pranamasana – Hastauttanasana – Padahastasana – Ashwa Sanchalanasana – Parvatasana – Ashtanga Namaskar – Bhujangasana – Parvatasana – Ashwa Sanchalanasana – Padahastasana – Hastauttanasana – Pranamasana

Other benefits: greater flexibility, improved posture, less stress, more physical and mental strength, weight loss; stronger digestive, circulatory, respiratory and nervous systems.

2. ‘Hand-to-Foot Pose’ or Hastapadasana ‘
If the upper part of your body is shorter than the lower part, you should practice this bending forward regularly. It is known to work in each and every one of the sections of our body, starting from the head to the toe. Therefore, you can gain more height and look better.

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Height: Which type of yoga should you do to grow taller? When and how much should you do? 7

Other benefits: reduction of belly fat, more flexibility, better posture, improved blood flow in the brain, mild menstruation, cure of hair loss, healing of constipation and stimulated nervous system.

3. ‘Easy Posture’ or ‘Sukhasana’
The Easy Posture, also called ‘Pleasant Posture’ or ‘Decent Posture’, is the basic yoga posture from which all other postures are developed. By practicing this asana regularly, you can control your breathing. It also helps tone the lower back and hip region, which in the long run increases the height by decompressing the cartilage.

Other benefits: reduced anxiety, less stress, flexible knees, open ankles, unlocked hips, elongated spine and back muscles.

4. ‘Wheel Pose’ or ‘Chakrasana’
This posture is extremely useful for increasing height, regardless of your age. Involves bending backwards like a “chakra” or “wheel”. As a result, the elasticity of the spinal cord increases greatly and the body becomes highly flexible. Both contribute to height significantly.

Other benefits: stronger spine and core, improved digestion, improved reproductive functions, cure for thyroid disorders, reduced back pain, chest and stretched lungs, stronger internal organs. 5. ‘Mountain Pose’ or ‘Talasana’ This is one of the easiest yoga postures you can practice from the first days to increase your height. It has been found that this asana can make the spinal cord and limbs (arms and legs) stronger. It also helps to speed up the whole body, which is really beneficial to gain height.

Other benefits: better posture, sciatica cure, constant breathing, more strength, greater mobility, firmer core, greater awareness and stronger thighs, knees and ankles.

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