Mindfulness as a growth path

Mindfulness.  A growth path

I love the friends of Plenacción (and who also wish to) tell us your experience with mindfulness.


From Plenacción, I try to present the “tools” that the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness we provide for our personal and professional development, from idea to publicize that extraordinary, really, is in everyday life and it is possible manage your life so serene, happy and congruent with your desires, goals and objectives.


This time is Susana Cataife, BA in Psychology , who tells us about his experience with the practices of mindfulness or mindfulness. It is always appreciated and mostréis that you share your experience and we work in this line of personal growth and development that involves taking charge of your life.

Always realize that the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness also means having a path of growth as people who do not live isolated from the rest of humanity. Realize the path that moves through and beauty that involves extending open hands and arms to help others to walk the path of growth.


Mindfulness. A growth path.


I have a degree in psychology, work coordinating self – help groups and attend patients in my office individually.

I am working with gestalt techniques use guided visualizations.

I did a training for psychotherapists Mindfulness in Ineco, an institution that coordinates the Doctor Facundo Manes. Conducted formal and informal practices, and also use with my patients.

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The benefits of this practice are wonderful, I found more calm, more aware of emotions, not react impulsively, on autopilot, greater capacity for empathy, put yourself in the place of another, more compassionate with myself and others.

And greater tolerance to travel difficulties. I also did training in Mindeating or eating attentive , to implement these meditations with groups of obese patients.

Mindfulness is a way that opens up opportunities for growth.

Thank you very much!! Greetings.

Susana Cataife

Degree in psychology

[email protected]

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