Mindfulness Training in the act of eating. Conscious feeding

Mindfulness training in the act of eating.  mindful eating

A good mindfulness training is in the normal act of eating almost never do consciously.


“Eating” Thich Nhat Hanh. Editorial Kairos


When talking about mindfulness training, a good way to practice is to pay attention to the eating and that is precisely what speaks Thich Nhat Hanh in this little book of reflections, meditations and practices edited Kairós with the other volumes that you find at the end of this article.

Mindfulness training through the practice of conscious eating connects us directly with the fact of living here and now.


It’s something we do at least three times a day, and that in the crazy world we live in, we usually do not consciously with the attendant problems that usually brings.

Our way of eating, doing so from a perspective of mindfulness training, connects us directly with our state at that moment.

An excellent way for you to discover it , is to go to another great book that addresses a very special way this issue and whose review you can find out when you click on the book cover of Jan Chozen Bays.

eat attentive

Book to focus on food from the perspective of mindfulness

And it is that, as Nhat Hanh says:

“We do not need to eat a lot to feel nourished. When we are fully present and alive in every bite of food we eat so that each bite llenba us peace and happiness. If we are filled with this joy, we can see that we naturally feel satisfied with less food “

Engage in mindfulness training with the sacred act of eating, it’s what we can discover along all thoughts, ideas and invitations practice makes us the author in this little book art that gives us the Editorial Kairos one of the great zen masters who has over 70 years teaching meditation and the practice of mindfulness or full awareness.

Learn how to eat in a good mindfulness training you will find in each of your pages.

A gift of life and presence.



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