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What is your review of Advanced Yoga Practices?

What is your review of Advanced Yoga Practices? 5

We all really look for it, we pursue it, that after which we go tirelessly day and night. The internal roads that lie dormant within us await discovery.

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What is your review of Advanced Yoga Practices? 6


The latent divinity resides within us. The internal teacher is the supreme teacher.

Why the advanced asanas?

It’s a body work that we’ve never tried before
It does not matter if the asana does not come out perfect at the beginning. But the attempt is already a deep and important work.
It is a method to recognize ourselves and learn to try something we have never thought we can do.
Advanced asanas make us stronger at the spiritual and mental level
It helps us to concentrate the mind and put out the excessive thoughts.
Each asana has its own benefits.
At the beginning you can always start with easier variation of the advanced posture without losing its favorable effect.

Physical and mental work in asanas.

It is very important to keep the asanas during the time, because this is how they begin to give a favorable result on a physical level. The muscles adapt, the ligaments stretch and the body in general becomes stronger and more resistant. With this approach we started the class with the simplest asanas, easy and with dynamic practices, such as Surya Namascar, which is a sequence of asanas (you can vary the basics, intermediate and advanced). At the neurobiological level the asanas are in a very tense contact with the brain, the body sends impulses, which deeply affect us at the psycho-physiological level. The static and comfortable posture in basic yoga practice teaches us not only to be in the body with our body, but also to calm the mind and help to concentrate it and take it to our interior. This mental work within a physical form is most important of all. On a physical level we are helped to relax in any way and have less bodily tension. And mentally and psychologically it helps us to adapt to extraordinary life situations, complicated, extreme, it helps us to keep our mind calm and as a consequence, to have more adequate reactions in any situation.

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This course seeks to take students to intermediate-advanced positions in order to know their own body and break that mental barrier that often prevents us from moving forward both physically and spiritually.

The fluidity of the movement will be emphasized by means of creative vinyasas which will take us to advanced positions, during a practice of approximately 2 hours, there will be a half hour of light recreation and then in the remaining hours the alignment of some climax positions will be deepened that were made during the morning.

Let’s talk about yoga practices. How they work, how to put them into practice and how to combine them together to generate magical effects in us.

It only takes a little practice to light the flame. Once this is done, the flame will want to grow more and more through more and more practices.

What is your review of Advanced Yoga Practices? 7

Slowly we fall into a spiral of ecstasy that takes us beyond our limited perception of the planet. Everything looks different then.

The open system of advanced yoga practices, is an integrated set of powerful ancient yoga techniques that have been adapted to the needs of our modern society. Its creator, yogani, is a modern American spiritual scientist with decades of experience in the field of yoga. He has passed through various schools and traditions and in 2003 he started publishing free online lessons through a yahoo group. In relatively little time the lessons generated great public interest given its simplicity and effectiveness. Therefore he decided to create a web page with more lessons and a forum for help and exchange of information open to the public, about the lessons and other topics of general interest within the field of spirituality.

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Yogani has always preferred to remain anonymous for personal reasons. All the surrounding environment is based on the horizontal and non-hierarchical transmission of knowledge, not claiming any kind of guru or teacher status. Its mission is simply the transmission of spiritual knowledge on a large scale through new global technologies (internet) and for the benefit of humanity. It is not about him, it is about all of us, that each one finds his own internal teacher. This places our destiny and spiritual responsibility directly in our hands.

The most important and novel aspect of this yoga system is the essential importance given to the art of adapting the practice to our own personal rhythm (self-pacing). We are all different and each one is responsible for building their daily practice routine according to their own needs and abilities. This is an important point to understand. The proper application of spiritual knowledge according to our abilities is the best guarantee of progress.

The main tool of this yoga system is a powerful meditation technique using an efficient universal mantra. Through this practice, we increase the experience of inner silence during the 24 hours of the day and going each time towards more expanded levels of consciousness. The rest of the techniques work on this basis of internal silence manifesting in us.

By using a powerful breathing technique (pranayama), we are loosening the subtle nerves and favoring the circulation of energy and inner silence throughout our entire nervous system.

Through certain physical postures and advanced maneuvers (mudras, bhandas …) we stimulate the flow of energy. It also addresses the role of desire in our spiritual transformation as well as the cultivation of sexual energy to higher dimensions.

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There are also techniques focused on the expansion of internal silence towards us and the world (samyama), or the technique of self-inquiry that allows us to know the real and liberate ourselves from all that we are not (jnana yoga).

These combined practices specifically contain a powerful and deep yoga system. They are very useful, too much to be reserved for a few. They belong to all of us. They are knowledge oriented to human transformation and that is precisely what we deserve.

We are at a point in the history of the spread of spiritual knowledge on a large scale and what was once destined to a few “chosen”, now becomes the right and destiny of all. These are times of change towards a gradual awakening of the collective and unified consciousness in all of us.

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