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What are fairness tips for men to get glowing face?

What are fairness tips for men to get glowing face? 3

Facial Exercises to Look Younger and Get a Muscular Jawline

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You see what happens to your body after training the otherhundreds of muscles from the neck down, so why not put your face muscles to work? Exercising the muscles in your face will make your jawbone more prominent, enhance cheekbones, and shred off excess fat in your face (goodbye “baby face.”) Plus, it’s key to looking younger. “Your skin begins to deteriorate at age 25,” says Valeria Georgescu, the creator of FACE (Facial Activation Conscious Engagement) Val-U, “so failure to work these muscles will cause them to atrophy and make your face literally fall down.”

Studies actually show that men who have physical traits like a lean facial structure have better health, a higher income, and are deemed more attractive to the opposite sex. But, there’s a way to beat genetics—and the price of botox—to obtain that chiseled look.

We consulted three experts on the topic: Georgescu, Periodontist Stuart J. Froum, D.D.S., and Carolyn Cleaves, creator of Carolyn’s Facial Fitness. Try their favorite facial exercises on the pages that follow.

Profile of a Man's Face

Since the facial muscles are very small, they’ll respond quicker—so mix the following workouts with a clean diet, a solid skin care regimen, and a full-body workout routine, and you’ll be reaching peak physical appearance in less than a month.

Does all of this sound a little girly to you? Wrong. Georgescu’s clientele is primarily men. “The main three things men come to me about are crow’s feet, wrinkled brows, and turkey neck—with the main complaint being sag underneath their chin.” Georgescu adds, “The tongue is your focus point that does all the work to assist in getting your face work—kind of like your abdominal muscle.” Try her exercises for 5-10 minutes a day, 3-5 times a week.

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Anti-aging workout

1. Eye Squeeze

Directions: Pull your lips down to tighten your face (like the scream character), then pull your lips to the right, and squeeze one eye closed for one second (in a pulsing manner) ten times. Repeat with the opposite eye.

Muscles worked: The muscle surrounding your eye; when tightening the eyes, you’re pulling the skin, but you’re not wrinkling it.

Duration: 3 sets of 10, rest, then another 3 sets of 10

2. Jawline Roll 

Directions: With your face tightened (as if you’re about to get punched), pucker your lips and move them to the right. Now, with your jaw tense, say with force, “EW Charles.” “Speaking aloud ignites the muscle quicker,” says Georgesku. And make sure to not grind your teeth.

Muscles worked: Here, you’re pulling up the muscle underneath the jawline. When you say “EW Charles,” your tongue draws a circle in your mouth and the resistance works the jaw.

Duration: 3 sets of 10, rest, then another 3 sets of 10

3. Tongue Press

Directions: Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth, right behind your teeth. Then add tension by tightly pressing your tongue to completely close the roof of your mouth, and begin making the noises “mh mh mh mh.” “It’s very important to make the humming/vibrating sound when performing these exercises because they assist the muscles,” says Georgesku.

Muscles worked: This will target sag underneath the chin.

Duration: 3 sets of 10, rest, then another 3 sets of 10

4. Brow lift

Directions: With your hands in the shape of a closed peace sign, place your finger nails (not your fingertips) over each brow and apply pressure to push your eye brows down. Then, while pushing that skin down, gently push your brows up and down, and repeat.

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Muscles worked: Here, you’re creating a weight (the pressure of your finger nails) to lift the eyes and build the muscle in your forehead.

Duration: 3 sets of 10, rest, then another 3 sets of 10

Jawline workout

As a periodonist, Dr. Froum notices facial muscles aren’t used to their full capacity—especially those around the mouth. Here, he provides a number of isotonic exercises that each target the muscles around your jawline. “Make sure the muscles that aren’t being worked in each exercise are relaxed,” says Froum. This will avoid headaches and soreness.

1. Clenching 

Directions: Clench and hold your teeth together for 3 seconds while using a special mouth guard made by your dentist—not a sports mouth guard. The soft plastic material on this guard will prevent TMJ problems and protect your joints.

Muscles worked: The jawline area

Duration: 3 sets of 10

2. OO-EE

Directions: Open your mouth and purse your lips together without your teeth touching or showing, then say “OO, EE” in exaggerated movements. You can also do “OO, AH” movements.

Muscles worked: This will target the muscles around the mouth, on the sides of the lips, and between the nose and upper lip.

Duration: 3 sets of 10

3. Sagging Chin

Directions: Place your elbow on a table with your fist under your chin. Then try to open your mouth while exerting force with your wrist to create resistance. Hold then release.

Muscles worked: Underneath the chin and jawline area.

Duration: 3 sets of 10

Fresh-face workout

Cleaves says if you execute these exercises for 15 minutes, no more than 3-5 times a week (in addition to using the right skincare products and getting plenty of rest) you’ll see improvement in two weeks.

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1. The Lower Jowl Lifter Routine

Directions: Place your right hand on your collarbone and wrap your bottom lip over your bottom teeth. Then, tilt your head back a couple inches while using your facial muscles to pull the corners of your mouth back (with your bottom lip still covere.) Hold, then release your head back down with your eyes still looking upward. Repeat on the other side (left hand on collarbone.)

Muscles worked: The jawline area

Duration: 4 sets of 10 (5 right and 5 left)

2. Jawbone Restorer

Directions: Place both thumbs side-by-side at the tip of your chin with your other fingers resting below each ear. Then, push your chin into your thumbs to create resistance, and slide your thumbs along the jawbone, with medium pressure, ending just below each ear.

Muscles worked: the jawline area

Duration: 10 times

3. Double Chin Slide

Directions: Place the palm of your hand under your chin, and with your mouth closed, stretch your lower jaw down as far as you can. Then, exert pressure with your palm as you slide your hand along the double chin area, the jawline, and the side of the face ending at your temples.

Muscles worked: underneath the chin

Duration: 10 times (5 right and 5 left)

4. Cheek Firmer

Directions: Place the length of your index finger below the eye along the upper cheekbones. Then open your mouth as wide as comfortable, curl your lips over your bottom teeth, and smile with the corners of your mouth to create flex, then release.

Muscles worked: the jawline area

Duration: 40 times

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