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What meditation technique is most useful for spritual enlightenment?

What meditation technique is most useful for spritual enlightenment? 5

Meditation allows a deep work on the mind, on the life of the latter. Whether one inscribes it in a religious process or that one works on oneself out of all faith, the meditation has a lot to bring you and will allow you to discover a whole new kingdom: that of the spirituality, the subtle things .

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What meditation technique is most useful for spritual enlightenment? 6


Meditation and religious spirituality

Meditation is originally part of a spiritual spiritual quest . It is then a question of working on oneself to get closer to the divine, to free oneself from the most obvious things, from the purely physical world. Religious meditation responds to particular practices and requires rituals to be followed. You will practice most generally, but not exclusively, in a temple, a dedicated room, etc. Religious meditation is included in a broader, broader approach. It is only one of the tools at your disposal to exercise your faith.

What meditation technique is most useful for spritual enlightenment? 7

Meditation and secular spirituality

One can work on one’s spirit and spiritual life without being part of a religious process. It happens that we feel a higher call, a desire to discover what we do not yet see. Tracks are drawn and meditation clarifies them. Meditating regularly will then allow to discover more and more subtle way the functioning of your mind. There is no need to believe in a god or to join a religion to realize the influence of the spiritual on our life, even the most everyday.

Meditation for your spiritual life

Whether you are inscribing your practice in a religious or secular way, meditation will offer you a lot for that part of you that you ultimately know very badly as it plays an important role in your life and in the way you do it. lead. By meditating regularly , you will learn to release modes of operation. They are the ones who lead you and by getting to know them, you will understand your reactions and the choices you make better. You will also learn to no longer let yourself be guided by these modes of operation without knowing it.

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Meditation is not a secret or a magical practice, detached from being. It is a work on oneself which allows first of all to know each other more and more deeply. It’s about being aware, being more and more, being there, here and now. This will allow you to see a lot of things from every moment. It is also a way of paying attention to a part of the being that is neglected too often, because it is not visible. The mind does exist, and taking care of it allows you to reunite your being, to feel full again, one and united. The spiritual step must not be considered as esoteric work. Anyone can, while meditating, walk towards a better knowledge of oneself towards an awareness of that part of one’s being that one abandons too much. It is enough to practice and accept to discover, to remain open to what can happen.

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