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How often is it healthy to do hot yoga?

How often is it healthy to do hot yoga? 3


Hot Yoga is also called Bikram Yoga . You will not be surprised that Hot Yoga takes place in a hot room.

The best way to learn something is to see how others do it. So, the lot of DVD’s are there to guide How to do hot yoga. From this DVD you learn hot yoga. To buy a DVD click this link.

How often is it healthy to do hot yoga? 4


The hot room offers many advantages, the benefits of Yoga are combined with the advantages of a sauna . We list the ten most important benefits of Hot Yoga for you!

hot yoga

The 10 most important benefits of Hot Yoga

1) It cleans your skin

Because you sweat a lot during Hot Yoga, you lose a lot of waste . Often sweating also causes your skin to ignite less quickly, so you will not suffer from pimples or other infections.

2) It helps against diabetes

For diabetics Hot Yoga has the big advantage that it causes lower blood pressure . Diabetes is thereby prevented.

3) It is good for your recovery

Hot Yoga often causes improvement of physical complaints . It is a perfect remedy for muscle pain, but it is also very effective against aches and pains like back pain .

4) It reduces rheumatic problems

Hot Yoga provides a reduction of pain for people with forms of rheumatism. The warm environment allows the muscles to relax better , this causes less pain.

5) It inhibits the aging process

Although this has not been proven black and white, many people who have been doing Hot Yoga for years seem to age less quickly .

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6) It goes against depression

The warm and soothing environment of Hot Yoga prevents symptoms of depression . Because you can completely relax during the Yoga sessions, you can empty your head completely and do not think about your worries.

7) It teaches you to better control your emotions

At Hot Yoga you also train your self-reflection , you get more insight into your own emotions. You learn to understand them better, to deal with them, and if necessary to send them.

8) It helps to balance your thyroid gland

Hot Yoga trains the thyroid gland to function properly. The thyroid is often a cause of obesity , keeping the thyroid gland fit can be very useful.

9) It reduces stress

Like the prevention of depression, Hot Yoga also ensures that you are less stressed . We quickly imagine ourselves on an imaginary tropical island in the soothing warm environment of a Hot Yoga session …

10) Hot Yoga is a good cardio workout

Hot Yoga is a form of Yoga where you burn a lot of calories. Because you perform Yoga exercises in a warm environment your heart will work faster, and that consumes more energy than in a colder environment.

Do not expect miracles, there is a difference, but these are not huge.

If you are interested in Hot Yoga, it is important to first consult your doctor if it is not harmful to your health. Some people can not handle heat well, Hot Yoga is not wise for these people to do.

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