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What are some yoga stretching exercises for beginners?

What are some yoga stretching exercises for beginners? 3

8 yoga exercises for stretching on twine and slender hips

Thin hips – the problem is very common, even among those who regularly engage in any kind of sport. However, good leg flexibility is not only a more graceful and easy gait, but also good blood supply and metabolism.

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What are some yoga stretching exercises for beginners? 4


And, according to yoga , in our body all processes – on a subtle level – are controlled by prana – the internal energy of the body. And this prana moves easier, without stagnation, when the body is flexible enough, and the muscles are elastic. Therefore, yoga postures , for the most part, are aimed at developing and maintaining sufficient flexibility of muscles and joints. Although the training aspect, of course, is also given due attention.

In addition to improved energy exchange, here are some more useful features of good flexibility:

  • Preventing injuries
  • Improved coordination of movements
  • Increased Stamina
  • Ease in body
  • The skin looks better (due to improved metabolism).

The following set of yoga exercises for the hips and buttocks will give you slender and elastic hips, and also help develop the ability to sit on a string (any).

Yoga for stretching on the twine: 8 poses for regular practice

1. Pose of a happy child

This pose not only opens the hips, but also has a beneficial effect on the lower back.

Lie on your back. Bend the knees, pull them to the sides, and grasp the outer surfaces of the feet. Legs in the knees are bent at an angle of 90 degrees. Keep your hands on the outside of your legs.

Using the strength of the upper body, gently and evenly press your hands on your legs so that your knees move toward the floor next to the armpits (see photo).

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yoga for stretching on twine

Avoid stress in the shoulders and chest, try to relax.

Hold in the final position for 5 deep breaths-exhalations.

2. Wide sitting

This relaxed stretch is aimed at both hips, but the lower back also works.

Stand up straight, the feet are slightly wider than the hips.

Bend your knees and lower your hips to the ground, making a deep squat. If you can not put the heels on the floor, place a towel or yoga mat under them to create a support.

Connect the hands in front of the chest at the level of the heart, and press elbows on your knees from the inside to even more open the hips.

Thick Thigh Yoga

After making 5 full breaths, place your hands on the floor in front of you, and touch them directly from yourself, thereby increasing the stretching in the hips and lower back.

When you reach the limit, again hold for 5 breaths-exhalations, then relax and slowly rise.

3. The pose of an open lizard is a yoga exercise for the inner surface of the thigh

If we have to sit often, the muscles of the hip flexors can become very tight, as a result, the overall flexibility of the legs will suffer. This position works with the inner surface of the thigh, but also affects the external.

Make a low lunge (Anjaneyasan pose – similar to one of the poses of Surya Namaskar) – see the photo:

a set of yoga exercises for the hips and buttocks

The bent knee of the right leg is in front. Lower your left knee to the floor, place your palms on the floor, under your shoulders.

Slowly bend and lower the right knee to the right, so that the weight moves to the outer surface of the right foot. Hands keep straightened, breast feed forward to increase stretching.

elastic thigh yoga

Hold in this position for 5 full breaths, then do the exercise again, putting forward your left leg.

4. Semi-twine

This exercise helps you to prepare yourself for the twine: stretches the hips, hamstrings, and the inside of the thigh.

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From a wide sow, place your hands on the floor in front of you, and start pushing your legs apart. Make sure that the heels are wider than the toes. The soles lie flat on the floor to protect your knees from unnecessary strain.

yoga exercises for the inner surface of the thigh

As the hips descend, you can support yourself with your forearms, and then put your shoulders on the floor (as in the photo), while turning your head to the side.

Hold in this position for 5 breaths-exhalations, then with steps move the feet together.

If the stretching in this pose is too difficult for you, try the pose of Upavisth Konasan .

5. Pose of the butterfly

Allows you to stretch both hips at once, and also the pelvic area.

Sit on the floor, bend your knees and move the soles of your feet to each other.

Use your hands to unfold your feet with your soles upward, like a book. Using the muscles of the legs, try to squeeze the knees to the floor, as far as possible.

Pull and straighten the spine, and draw in the belly. Relax your shoulders, and look forward or to the feet. Make 5 breaths, then slowly lean forward, giving the body to the legs. Try to keep the spine elongated and straightened.

yoga for strengthening hips and buttocks

Embrace the feet with your hands, and gently press your elbows on your knees, lowering them even lower. You can also stretch your arms forward to stretch your back even more.

As you reach the ultimate slope, stay in it for 5 full breaths, then slowly straighten, and slowly straighten your legs.

6. Tilt to the knee sitting

This is a well-known yoga posture – Jan Shirshasan (read the detailed description of the technique by reference).

thigh training yoga

7. Pose of a dove

One of the most effective poses for opening the hip joints and hips.

Sit down so that the left leg is stretched out behind, and the right leg is bent at the knee, and was in front; right foot, at the same time, directed inward, to the stomach (see photo).

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yoga from cellulite on thighs and buttocks

The left hip should be directed to the floor; if it turns around, tuck the right foot closer to the body.

Hands can be placed either on the right thigh, or on the sides, or in front of you – stretching forward.

Hold this position for 5 breaths, trying to identify and relax all areas where tension is felt.

Repeat the exercise in the opposite direction.

8. The Double Pigeon

This pose well stretches the buttocks.

Sit on the floor, stretch your legs in front of you. Bend the left knee and place the bent leg on the floor so that the shin is parallel to the pelvis.

Bend the right knee, and place it over the bent left, in exactly the same way. Bent legs form a triangle. The pose is something like sitting “in Turkish”, or in a simplified lotus position, but still different, not only by sight, but also by sensations.

yoga exercises on the thighs

If the knee of the upper leg is elevated, then you have tight thigh muscles. Do not overpower yourself, trying to lower it – let your stretch will develop naturally. Breathe deeply.

To strengthen the effect of the pose, put your hands on the floor, in front of the shins, and, moving them around the floor, lean forward, to the feet. When you reach the limit of stretching, stay in this position, taking a deep breath and exhaling 5 times. Then slowly straighten out, change your legs, and repeat the whole exercise first.

This is a relatively simple yoga for strengthening the hips and buttocks. You can do these exercises as an independent practice, or include them in your training program. They will make your thighs more slender and elastic, develop flexibility, and help prepare for the twine.

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