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What is the esasiest way to awaken Kundalini?

What is the esasiest way to awaken Kundalini? 5

How to awaken the Kundalini?

You need 10 minutes, during which no one can disturb you. Sit comfortably, relax. If you sit on the floor, you can cross your legs in Turkish (half-lotus). If you are sitting on a chair, do not cross your legs.

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What is the esasiest way to awaken Kundalini? 6


Sahaj meditation is a state of mind calmness, the absence of thoughts in full consciousness, it is achieved not by strong-willed effort, self-confidence or the presentation of visual images. We receive this state spontaneously, as soon as the inner energy of Kundalini (or our inner strength) awakens.

Kundalini is the inner maternal energy inherent in every human being. The first experience of meditation, this is the awakening of Kundalini or self-realization. The left hand should be placed on the left knee with the palm facing up. All other actions you will perform with your right hand.

We will refer to our Kundalini energy  , calling it “My inner strength, my inner energy or Mother (because this energy is of a maternal nature).” You will be surprised at the effect on your state of these simple statements in such a short period of time.

First read all the points, and then proceed to this experience:

1) Put your right hand on your heart and ask yourself several times the question:

“Mother, is it true that I am the Spirit? Am I a spiritual being? ”

2) Move your hand to the left hypochondrium, ask several times:

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3) Move the hand to the area where the left leg connects to the trunk, ask several times: “Mother, am I really my own master? Himself a teacher? ”

What is the esasiest way to awaken Kundalini? 7

“Mother, please give me pure, true knowledge, awaken them in me.”

4) The hand is again located in the area of ​​the left hypochondrium, say in the affirmative, with complete certainty:

“Mother, the truth is that I am my own master, I am my own teacher!” Repeat this phrase about ten times, do not rush.

5) Put your right hand on your heart again and say affirmatively:

“I am not this body and not these thoughts, not these problems and concerns, not the past and not the future. Mother, I am pure Spirit. ” Repeat this several times.

6) Put the right palm on the joint of the shoulder and neck to the left, you can turn the head slightly to the right. Say to yourself several times:

“Mother, I’m not guilty of anything. I made mistakes, but it’s already in the past. I will try not to commit them in the future. I’m not guilty of anything. ”

Guilt blocks this energy center, try to forgive and let go of your past. The truth is that you are a spiritual being, you are not these mistakes of the past. Accept this!

7) Now put your right hand on the center of your forehead and do not remember anyone specifically, say several times how much you want:

“Mother, I forgive everyone, I forgive everyone for everything, I forgive myself”

If you do not forgive someone, you tie this person to yourself, thereby making yourself worse. Forgive and let go, for your own good!

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8) The palm of the right hand is located on the back of the head, raise your head slightly upward and ask for forgiveness (without feeling guilty, just for your satisfaction), referring to the All-pervasive energy of love that created this whole world:

“Please forgive me for all mistakes and misdemeanors committed either intentionally or involuntarily”

Ask as many times as you want.

9) Now put the base of the palm on the top of the head, into the fontanel area, and press the palm of your hand and slowly rotate it clockwise (counting that the clock is on the top of your head parallel to the ground with the dial facing upwards) so that the skin on the head moves behind the palm . With this motion ask for about seven times:

“Mother, please give me my self-realization. Let me feel the energy of Kundalini! “.

Now, holding the left hand on the left knee with the palm upward, place the right hand over the head 5-10 cm from the surface of the head with the palm facing down. Pay attention: how do you feel? It will happen automatically, you should not exert any effort.

You can feel a slight breeze, something like a stream of air emanating from the crown. This is the manifestation of your inner energy of Kundalini. Also, you may experience tingling, burning, or heaviness in the pads of your fingers or on the palms of your hands. A cool or warm flow can come from your hands. These feelings speak about certain states of your fine system, but now it is not important – the main thing is that you felt any flow.

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Now turn on the stigma for meditation that we offer you, close your eyes and watch your sensations.

If there are absolutely no sensations over the head and hands, or they are too elusive, try to do everything again, more carefully. Maybe you need a quieter environment. Perhaps you are in the way of some serious blockage in your slender body. If your determination to learn how to meditate has not diminished from this small failure, come to Sahaja Yoga classes for beginners, where they will teach you everything!

Your sensations will be much stronger in the Sahaja Yoga meditation classes, where you will be told all the secrets and details, will answer your questions.

“If there is something that makes you upset or makes you unhappy, try to reach a state that is simply silence, and this silence will make you really powerful …” Shri Mataji is the founder of the Sahaja Yoga method.

If after meditation you feel a steady cool breeze, blowing from the crown and from the centers of the palms, approximately, with equal force – our congratulations. Your energies work in full force, and you only need to learn how to manage them.

If you feel a breeze, but it is weak enough and uneven (there is more on one hand, less on the other, in some places it feels warm or tingling) – you are on the right track, but you still need to work on yourself.

If you do not feel anything, do not worry, maybe you’re just tired and can not concentrate now, try to relax and try again a little later and – add more sincerity 🙂

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