How to meditate: 3 keys to meditation

How to meditate: 3 keys to meditation 3

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Breathing: Breathing is what gives us balance. In meditation, breathing mark a rhythm, and that is why that rate should be quiet, slow, soft. Normally when we meditate coming from a more connected to the world, daily life and times of society space. It is the function of breathing, help you slow down and come into balance, with yourself and with what you have around you. This does not mean that when you are not meditating, you’re in a catastrophic place and when you start meditating enter a place where silence reigns, love and peace. You can meditate in noisy places and you can stress you out a lot in quiet places. For the most related to the world of meditation is not the noise of cars, horns, big cities but the noise of thought. That’s the noise that is more akin to meditation.


A simple way to explain it is to do with what language is to humans, language is composed of language and speech and language consists of a set of words. Those words are ringing in our consciousness and we want to avoid when we meditate. Because thought is composed of words. A proof of this is that you can not think without talking internally.

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By focusing on breathing, we focus only on that and those words slowly fade.


The vision is very important in meditation, some emphasize meditating with closed eyes as it helps concentration. Others say the best way is to squint and have a “blurred” vision. I recommend meditating with closed eyes and make the end a visualization exercise to influence our mood or certain objectives.

Space / temporality:

The space must have one condition: to help you feel comfortable. You must find a place where you know you are not going to interrupt you and put you in a comfortable position, no matter if you are sitting or lying down. It will not affect the quality of your meditation, you just have to feel that none of your muscles are doing a force that can with the passing of the minutes to cause a cramp. If you feel your position makes you feel that your muscles are relaxed. Are you ready to meditate.

Is it better to meditate on a mountain in the middle of nature in the room of my house in the middle of a city of thousands of inhabitants and among environmental and noise pollution? Again hmm … you do not have to affect the quality of your meditation. Then you tell me you enjoyed it more in nature, but it is the same as with any other practice. It is clear that most would enjoy going to run through some trees in a mountain in the middle of town. But no exercise will be better or worse.

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