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What are some joint friendly yoga postures for beginners?

What are some joint friendly yoga postures for beginners? 3

Yoga positions: the essentials

Yoga is a discipline dedicated to well-being that has been developing strongly in France in recent years.

More than just a sport and relaxation, yoga is a way of life that is based on relaxation and listening to your body and mind. Here are the main yoga positions to do good at home or anywhere else.

Yoga: for beginners or experts?

The yoga practices are numerous and meet different needs. Common beliefs believe that yoga is a very calm discipline based on breathing .

They are not wrong for the importance of breathing, however, some yoga like hashtanga or vinyasaare dynamic and are the result of intense sports performance in certain postures.

What are some joint friendly yoga postures for beginners? 4


Be that as it may, inevitable postures are found more or less in all disciplines.

Know that if you have never practiced yoga and are impressed by the most elaborate positions, there are yoga positions quite accessible to beginners .

To get started, prefer to be supervised by an experienced person (friend or professional).

Yoga: basic postures

The sun salutation is a series of inevitable yoga postures . Practiced at the beginning of the session or between each posture, this salutation consists of a succession of varied postures, ideal to awaken the body gently.

Yoga positions ( asana ) are numerous and can be categorized according to their targeting.

There are standing postures, sitting postures, inverted postures, relaxation postures, also targeted postures on the balance, the torsion, the opening of the body, the closing of the body …

Know the yoga positions
Know the yoga positions

Whatever the position, it is important to maintain it for at least 5 breaths. Each posture must be realized in relaxation, so it is very important to have a deep and fluid breathing, and to keep smiling!

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Practice and name of the main yoga positions

Here are some simple and unavoidable postures of yoga , which can be done at home, on a carpet:

Dog upside down

This posture with hands and feet on the ground forms a triangle with the buttocks pointing upwards. It allows stretching the back and stretching the back of the legs. It is found in the sun salutation.

Seated pliers with strap to start

Sitting, this closed position consists of stretching above his legs with the goal of reaching his feet. It is important to have the back as straight as possible and take out the sternum to avoid the round back.


In a side slit with the front foot open and the back foot closed, the leg bent at 90 degrees and arms stretched out horizontally, this posture works the whole body and the power of the legs.

The tree

Balancing on one leg with the other leg bent with the foot resting on the top of the thigh, this balance posture is perfect for emptying the head. Think about setting a fixed point in front of you.


Seated, legs raised and folded in front of you, this posture makes work abdominals. It is important to keep your back straight with the help of your arms stretched far ahead.

Know the yoga positions
Know the yoga positions


To begin, lay your legs vertically against a wall by lying as close to the wall as possible. Then, try this inverted posture with your back resting in your hands to keep the legs pointing to the ceiling.

The child

On your knees, stretch far ahead on the floor keeping the buttocks at your feet. It is a recovery position that relieves the back and shoulders.

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Elongated, feet and arms slightly apart from the body, this posture is the final relaxation posture. Try to chase his thoughts while listening to his bodily sensations.

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