Why am I happy to turn 35, be single and have no money?

¿Happiness, regardless of the circumstances?
¿Happiness, regardless of the circumstances?

Yesterday I wrote a great friend I love so much, despite the years since we met and all the kilometers that separate our physical bodies. I remember when we were little, and taught me the joy I had to write pieces of paper with messages of love and happiness, and hide them in places that later forgot. And then they appeared and then lived another happy moment. Now that I think, maybe it was my first steps in this to enjoy the road, forgetting the results, as if made with love life returns us without expect it.

My friend turned 35, and wrote me this email I asked him to share with you, because it can also be your story, or serve your turn. She, happy, accepted, so I leave it here.

Laura Email:

“I remember when I turned 30, and most of my friends, even before congratulating me, I said,” Ehhh, and came into the ‘ta’ “Well, with that phrase came a few more … Yes, those. they are “very encouraging”.

At that time he had not yet learned that you say in your book and liked it so much:

“If you let yourself be swayed by the judgments of the people around you,

always accumulate tension, insecurity and concern.

see us “good” or “bad” depending on your current circumstances,

your own perception.
What they express themselves say much more

than yourself. “

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(Internalize well deeply that sentence made me even happier and freer)

So at that moment, I felt pretty bad. I had a job, earning well. He hung out with David for 3 years and we accompanied us. You nay know, with the ups and downs that have always told me that there are in all relationships.

In other words, despite having entered the ‘ta’, had things …

Today is my birthday 35 And I feel so happy! Today my friends did not come with the little joke of the ‘ta’, but with tips and different ways to pity me … still do not understand how without money, without a “fixed” work without having a TV or having any idea the latest news, and without partner or children, I am so happy …

That’s why I write, dear friend. First, to thank you for sending me this great gift of your book, I’ve read excited in one sitting, and gave me keys and tools for, among other things, knowing what to say to my friends here when they come in my turns 36 to congratulate ????. I also write because I know you understand me when I say that my life is full of abundance, love and joy. And the reason is simple, I realized one day that life can be as simple or complicated as I decide it. I realized that I have control over how I feel with all the things that happen to me. And I realized that happiness is within me, no matter how many people have around me, if I’m not happy with myself. And all this understanding, Nay, yoga has been essential. Thank you for bringing it to my life!

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A huge kiss and a hug, in the place where you and I are one (that phrase you stole the book, loved it !)

Your friend,

Lauri “