Meditation: Use the mind to Strengthen the body

Silva Method Healing

The mind is a perfect instrument, you just have to learn to play.

If every day we dedicate a little time to rehearse, every time we will be better musicians; It is a matter of record and want to learn.

It is even likely that each trial discover new notes unaware, which will make us gain momentum to continue learning.

The mind is directing the orchestra of our lives, but … What if we are wasting their potential?

Our mind exerts an astonishing power over us, without going any further is the one that dominates our body and therefore influences.

So, if the mind influences the body … it can also interfere with your health ? The answer is yes and is called healing.

Silva Method and meditation: Your mind affects your health

Most people do not use the brain but simultaneously isolate different uses of mind that might be related. And the result is obvious: do not exploit their full potential.

So what would happen if we started to develop a little more the power of the mind? The answer is simple: we could have dominion over reality and on our bodies .

There is increasing evidence that demonstrate the power of the mind to strengthen the body.

We all realize as someone who is sick you recover faster if you have a positive thinking, negative while someone takes a lot longer to recover.

Hippocrates said it is more important to know the patient has a disease, to know the disease with the patient .

And it is that most diseases have a psychological origin: are not problems of the body but of mind.

For example, stress that acts producing pressure on our mind and this in turn reacts by generating tension in the neck, stomach, mouth or back (read more about stress and how it away in our article “How to ward off stress to live better”).

We all have the opportunity to heal, but for this we must learn to effectively use this as a perfect instrument we know as mind .

Silva Method: Meditation to heal

There are several techniques to help us make the mind influencing our body properly and giving it health and wellness, but one of the most popular is meditation.

In recent years meditation has taken a leap into Western society, and there is increasing scientific evidence to use it to heal the body (you more in our article “100 benefits of meditation”).

For example, according to a study by the University of Wisconsin, meditation produce more antibodies than those achieved with the flu vaccine . Can you get an idea of what that means?

In addition, meditating activate brain areas related to positive emotions, so it is easier to be healthy if we are happy.

Actually it’s about learning to “calm” the mind, analyze our patterns and transform everything negative into a positive: change the emotions that make us suffer for others that bring us balance and wellness (if you know how to do it we invite you to download our free mini-course to learn to meditate on Alpha and awaken the potential of your mind).

The power of our mind, our word and our brain is very limited because of our mental obstacles. But when we free our minds of all these obstacles, our power will have no limits.

He thinks inevitably physical health is paired with mental health … So before finishing wanted to ask you: What reflects your health? Do you think your thoughts hamper your welfare?

Leave us a comment below telling us how you feel your mind affects your body and how is your health. We like to know how you feel and how you’re doing.

In addition, if you want to know more about how you can use your mind to strengthen your health, we recommend you read more here about the course of the Silva Method and what it can do for you (if you do not have the course or want to start slow, you can download the introductory mini-course ” you borderless ” with 8 lessons that will help you use your mind to improve your life and your health).

And before closing, remember what they said in ancient Greece: mens sana in corpore sano or its equivalent in Spanish, healthy mind in a healthy body .

Did you apply to your life?