The Elixir of Eternal Youth. Healthy mens in corpore sano

The Elixir of eternal youth.  mens sana corpore and healthy.

For me, the elixir of eternal youth is this way of life that makes you feel good and anchored in the presente.Cada who has his moment, and today I want to tell you mine.


The Elixir of eternal youth. Notes for a way of life.


Perhaps all come to mind the book published Fernando Sanchez Drago entitled precisely “Shangri-La. The elixir of eternal youth “ in the publishing house Planeta and where it has, in particular, what are the actions and way of life that has taken him to meet in October 2016 80 years with an enviable physical and mental shape.

Speaking of the elixir of eternal youth is not only trying to extend your stay in this world, but to make whatever you’re in it you live in good shape and be able to do something very important, as is knowing yourself and being able to lead a life of wisdom is to “stay awake, stay alert in (although no alarm), to pay attention.”

As for the elixir of eternal youth, I always try (and so I have done since I can remember) to practice a healthy optimism, putting enjoyment in everything I do and always with the look of discoverer of everything that surrounds me.

When I write this, in October 2016, I just turned 50 and I feel full although obviously there is always something that starts to emerge. In my case an onset of osteoarthritis that comes knocking on the door for years and that, for now, does not end forward.

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And it is there, where I want to tell you what I do to try to always hold the elixir of eternal youth . Today, everything I make every morning, is a bunch of pills herbalist. I’ve been doing for almost 20 years and I am every day more convinced of its great and good properties.

Add to that morning intake of pills and concoctions then I’ll tell you, a good dose of good humor, much of mindfulness or mindfulness and meditation practice daily exercise.

In my case, at least 20 minutes every morning. (Early for me because I get up at 5 am to have two very personal times when I’m putting actions for my own personal development. How I often ask, I’ll tell you I sleep at the latest, to 11 night).

In addition to practicing some physical exercise is essential reading and holding a discoverer look over everything around you. Nothing is the same as the previous day even if you think it is. It’s a matter of paying attention. If you like photography, you’ll understand even better.

And every morning, in that particular elixir of eternal youth also points out in his new book Sanchez Drago, ingest some pills and I discover that I feel good. Years ago, in a crazy season stress, I fell into a huge allergy.

When I took the tests well known; the doctor told me I had allergies all kinds of plants and what more the olive tree. I did not take even one of the pills he prescribed.

Beyond each, of course, but I went to my usual herbalist (then in Madrid) and a year later, allergy disappeared … and so still.

Well , without further ado, let me tell you my particular way of making the elixir of eternal youth.

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For starters, I’m a vegetarian for about 5 years. Not like fish or meat nothing, although as cheese and eggs (always try at home that are organic farms. We live in a village and “any Hayles”)

I get up at 5 am Monday through Friday and 6, 6,30h weekends and holidays. Nothing to get up, I wash my face with cold water throughout the year and ingest a glass of water with half a lemon juice.

A sitting meditation at least 20 minutes. This link will explain how you can do it.



And after tea with milk but oats or soybeans, or coffee, I prepare “the pastillaje day” or so we have been calling “The Elixir of eternal youth”.

What does it consist of?. Well here you go: (by clicking the links, you agree to the product)

A glass with a little fruit juice time when I take a teaspoon of pollen and a tablespoon of ground mixture that I have previously prepared and keep in the fridge and discovered we nutritionist Malva Castro leading, 250g sesame seeds, flax seeds 250g, 50g and 10g of turmeric peppercorns (all ground with a power mill and put in glass jars in the refrigerator)

On the great discovery of the seeds, I invite you to read the post of Esther Ontiveros in the Blog Living in the pyramid. You will see the great importance for good health has the world’s seeds. You can read it by clicking the following link:

SEEDS, 7 reasons why you will not know how you ever did without it

-A tablespoon Niguelone (syrup that combines several types of nutrients that favor the regulation of histamine levelsthe body and that is natural, antitussive, expectorantantiallergenic and antiinflammatory).

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-A tablespoon of juice concentrate Granada which is a potent antioxidant

-A tablespoon concentrated tart cherry (at night before going to bed). Great natural source of melatonin, sleep activator and antioxidant

Tickseed Pumpkin (one cpasula 1000mg). Promotes normal functioning of the bladder and prostate.

Soy -Lecitina (1200mg capsule). Cholesterol, triglycerides and circulation

-Olive Onagra (1000mg capsule). rich in essential polyunsaturated fatty acids linoleic acid and gamma-linolenic acid. Precursors of various cellular mediators essential for the correct operation and stability of the membranes of the cells of our body, the developing nervous system and hormonal regulation of coagulation.

Beer – yeast (3 tablets of 500mg c / u). Potenmte nutrient and very good for strengthening hair and nails

-Vegan multivitamins (1 tablet). Complex vitamin and invigorating, especially for vegetarians.

-Spirulina (3 tablets). vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, proteins, nucleic acids (DNA and RNA), chlorophyll, and a wide range of phytochemicals .

-Mincartil vegetarian (3 tablets). Care for bones and joints

-Reishi (1 capsule). This must be only pills reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) and if possible quality. You findin any herbalist. It’s a real shocker health. Balance the immune system. Here I leave an interesting dossier in which you can see its many properties. No you may miss your own elixir of eternal youth.

And gradually, as I discover new elements, adding this will conglomerate that is my particular “the elixir of eternal youth”.

And above all, a healthy attitude towards life. For the first time in the history of humanity, we are able to hold the reins of our own time. You decide here and now and you know you always have to remember that what is extraordinary in the everyday.

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