Learn to meditate at home with ease

Learning to meditate at home with zafu and zafutón

Yes, it’s time to learn to meditate at home using two indispensable elements to adopt an excellent posture that will not damage your back or endanger your physical health. Learning to meditate at home using a meditation cushion called zafu, and an appropriate mat called zafutón, I assure you it will be a good find. I show in this post so you can see how it is used and where you can buy it with full warranty. My zafu and my zafutón carry with me since 2000 and thousands of hours of meditation on them and there are … like new. And the quality of a good cushion and mat meditation are essential for good postural health.


Learning to meditate at home


When learning to meditate at home, it is an excellent decision to do so on a meditation cushion and corresponding mat. It is what is technically called a zafu and zafutón. Do you want to know what it does and how it is used ?. Well, let’s do this.

It is an excellent idea you’ve made the decision to learn to meditate at home. If you’ve never done, it is normal that at first it may cost a bit, but with perseverance and a little daily dedication, soon you will notice that it is very beneficial to your mental, spiritual and physical health and does not need to be a believer of anything or anyone, but a practitioner of good health.

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Meditate does not mean, as many people believe, the “leave blank mind” but rather is to adopt a certain position that will facilitate the encounter with serenity and calm your mind. Thoughts will still be there, but through the practice of meditation, go taking a stand watching so they will become clouds that cross your mind, but that will not make’re always traveling between the past and the future and full stress and anxiety.

For starters, before explain how to use the zafu (meditation cushion) and zafutón (mat meditation), I will say that it is essential, as first steps in learning to meditate at home, you find two key elements to start.

This is everything you need to learn to meditate at home:

1. A quiet place where you are not bothered or disturbed during your practice

2. A space of time for you and not less than 10 minutes. The great thing would you acostumbrases to practice daily at least 15 minutes per session and reach (if not daily, at least two or three times a week) to 30 minutes of practice. Would be the best. You must decide if you is best in the early morning or before bed. In my case I prefer the first thing in the morning … but it is in taste and choices. The case is “get” do not you think?

With these two simple items, you’d be ready or willing to learn to meditate at home without any problems.

Let’s start learning to meditate at home:

First you must locate the meditation mat on the floor. Ideally place it facing the wall, leaving between half and one meter from the edge of the mat to the wall.

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Situates the mat against the wall in the place you have chosen for your meditation practice

Then places the zafu or meditation cushion on the mat. Try placing it in the middle of it. Once you feel, you go by checking if you come either there or be necessary to place a little behind. That depends on whether your knees arrive either stand on the mat. The important thing is that your knees are positioned within the mat.


Put the zafu (meditation cushion) on the mat in the center

Now, standing in front of the zafu and zafutón do a couple of deep breaths conscious and proceeds to sit on the cushion carefully.

meditate at home

Then you go trying to sit and situarás pad so that you maintain an upright and firm position that allows you to “stick” knees on the mat

You have to sit calmly and without precipitation. Take the awareness that and, from that moment, you’re starting to meditate. It is holding an upright position on the cushion.

Sit right in the center of the cushion Speaking clearly … .¡¡el ass in the center pad !! Hehehe.


A good meditation cushion is essential for good posture. My zafu and my zafutón carry with me since 2000 and there are … ‘as the first day !! and thousands of hours of “sitting”

The fundamental position is known as lotus or half lotus. (In my case, I only reached the half-lotus). That is, the crossed legs altogether in lotus position (instep of his right leg on the thigh of the left leg and instep of the left foot on the right thigh) and half-lotus, one of the insteps rest on the mat .

Once acquired that position, you should focus on maintaining an upright posture of the spine. The column must be straight. It’s as if someone dropped head you up like a puppet.

After the chin gets a little inward and a slight forward lean your body will make you feel in a position of stability.


It is very important that your back is straight. It’s like empujases the floor with your knees and tugging at your head up from the crown

You can close your fists gently and place these on your knees and you can place your right hand on the palm of his left hand slightly joining the thumbs. This way you’ll be aware of your attention at all times. If thumbs down is that you are entering drowsiness, if tense thumbs up slightly rising it is that there is tension in you and if thumbs are straight is to hold fair attention and action.

In that position, you should still keep putting your attention on your breath. Being aware of the fact breathe.


Keep your eyes like a meter ahead of you. Ten-closed but not entirely closed eyes. This prevents sleep. Pay attention to your breathing and your posture.

Your mind, that’s for sure, will begin to do his producing endless thoughts, ideas, concepts … .It will go to the past, the future … but there’s your work sustained attention in that position. Serve breathing. If you want you can tell them to have greater control.

With practice, thoughts continue “to your roll” but you know maintain proper attention in the here and now, watching these thoughts as if they were your mind a movie screen being experienced all sorts of “mental products” without you lean or hooks you in any of them.

It’s good to start learning to meditate at home, making it about ten minutes at the beginning and gradually increase the time gradually until you get to 20 minutes or 1/2 hour.

It is very likely that your legs will sleep a lot. Do not worry … .we know anyone who would have had his leg amputated because of a long meditation. Nothing happens. When you finish your “sitting” meditation, gently undo your posture, help your knees with your hands and massage your legs a little before getting up.

Up of a meditation cushion should be careful and do act calmly, because otherwise you can suffer a mishap such as a fall. You must wake up gently.

Have you seen how learning to meditate at home is not so complicated ?. You need 10 minutes time, a zafu and zafutón and desire to improve your quality of life.

Well, let’s summarize some whole process I have shown you.

It is fair to hold a body position, attention on your breathing and an act of serenity that benefits your entire being.

By learning to meditate at home it is good to remember this:

-Adopta a posture of lotus, half-lotus or knees can sit on the zafu (always the ass on the zafu). The important thing is to keep an upright position.

-The pelvis forward a little is tilted.

-the spine must be as straight as possible holding the natural curves. It’s like empujases the floor with your knees and the sky with his head.

-The chin is a little collection and stretched neck

-The nose is located in the same vertical line as the navel

-The neck and shoulders relaxed will fall naturally.

Shut up without forcing. The tip of the tongue touching the edge Place it between the teeth and palate (have you noticed how a baby sleeps ?. This is a natural position that eventually lose)

His eyes half closed and you should stay pose look like a meter of you but without fixing anything. You’ll see over time, it’s like actually mirases to tui interior.

That is all. easy?. Well, learn to meditate at home is a good practice to start to calm you and put some peace in your day.

I recommend also that, as far as possible, practice group. Surely in the place where you live there are people who also meditates. Today, the practice of yoga is up in gyms … .the practice of meditation, before long, will also be. you will see!! And you already know how to do because you’ve made the wise decision to learn to meditate at home.

As for the zafu and zafutón, I have the same since 2000 that I bought. They are of superb quality and you can buy here with all safety and quality. It is where I bought and have all the quality of a good product that will last a lifetime.

Take care of them because learning to meditate at home is the beginning of a good quality of life.


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