Feng Shui: Create your perfect work area

feng shui at work

Did you know that your desk influences the success you get?

More than a third of our day was spent immersed in our professional tasks.

We spend hours and hours at work, but have you ever stopped to think how is the environment where you do your homework?

It is shown that if you have your professional well-designed space, the chances of success increase.

So what better to be in harmony with your work area feel more energetic and achieve greater results?

In this article we propose something fun and effective that it can turn around your life: make your professional space the place where you want to go back every day . It sounds good, right?

Adapt your space to your needs

You have success at the professional level? Do you wake up every day with a smile to go to work?

If you want to improve your life and where you always wanted to drive it , you can access our free course ” YOU WITHOUT BORDERS ” will give the answer to many questions you always did.

But you can also do more: adapt your workplace to your needs to improve your professional life.

If your workplace is well designed, your chances of success are increased. That is precisely the premise of Feng Shui.

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That’s why our workplace should not only be enjoyable, but also should motivate us to work better, to increase creativity (Learn how here) and relax the body and eliminate stress.

Make your space a place that offers pleasure and help you fulfill your responsibilities.

No matter how you work, or where, or what tasks you carry out … We all have, at home or in the office, a space dedicated to our professional tasks.

Use your favor what we tell you to increase your chances of success!

8 successful areas of your work area

Divide your table in eight sectors that will guarantee exact success:




1) Zone your career. It is where you develop your work and therefore is the area where you must place your computer or main working tool.

2) Zone travel. It is the ideal place to have the cards of customers or suppliers, or anything that has to do with the heads or the company headquarters if you’re in a multinational sector.

Place everything in that area that reminds you of the people who help you, promoting you and you are useful at work level.

3) Zone creativity. It is the place to have your boat pens and pencils. If it is metal, much better. Why? Because color metal active creativity and, since even without a designer, how you present your work can make you win many points.

4) Love Zone. The most important thing is that you have papers there are those who are important to you and implicating others.

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Be warned that place the papers will make you have more importance in the company, what your boss needs before, the thing you have to devote work to please others, projects need to sell both internally and externally … All documents important must be in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčlove.

5) Area of Fame. Have you been given any prize, diploma or have received some recognition? That is the ideal place to place. If you have not gotten any of that yet, you can draw with red folders, candles, red and full appointment calendars work or trigger you are much sought after .

6) Zone prosperity. It is the area that serves to increase your money, so what better in that area than a calculator?

The technical says the best and most active is a bowl of precious metal coins filled to the brim … But it is not always possible. So the calculator (ideally, silver) is another effective way to call prosperity and increase your profits.

7) Health Zone. It is one of the most important. Promotes healthy relationships with all your colleagues and bosses. So a good way to strengthen these relations is placing a plant in the area of Health and Family; guarantees that all healthy relationships with your peers.

It depends on the shape or size of the plant and will be the relationship with your classmates. A recommendation: avoid cactus … Unless you want to attract all the thorns????

8) Area wisdom. This area is for your notes for reference books, so you have a place to clarify your ideas, to think, to study issues that are pending and that you carry out in a wise manner. The perfect is a notebook in light colors “earth”, ochres or dark orange.

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You already know how you’re going to relocate your work area?

It is not only an ideal way to have everything organized, but you will want to go every day to work and you start reaping the results of what you sow.

Have you been interested in this article? Will you put into practice the “8 zones of your work area” to improve your professional and personal life?

Tell us your experiences, your comments, your questions … And share with us everything you want to know. It is the best way for us to always offer the best information. Many successes!