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What are the health effects of regular yoga practice on the back and spine?

What are the health effects of regular yoga practice on the back and spine? 1

Benefits of yoga for the back

Benefits of yoga for the back

Yoga is an ancient technique, coming from India, used over millennia to combat the causes of suffering and allow human beings to achieve what is theirs by right from birth: a stable state of happiness.

The ancient masters of this sacred science, known as rishis in the yogic tradition, observed that suffering in its various forms comes from the fact that we live in a state of fragmentation subject to various more or less unconscious tendencies that lead us to behave like this – what causes us harm to ourselves and our environment.

Through the practice of yoga we can become actively aware of the complex system we are: body and mind, arising from the very essence of all creation, and linked through every action, word and breath with everything that surrounds us. Step by step we are acquiring the freedom to act from the totality of our being, without being bound by our personal, family and cultural conditioning.

Different types of back pain

Each person, each individual, has its own flexibility and the limitations of each one must be respected.

The movement of the person is possible thanks to the locomotor apparatus formed by: bones, joints and muscles; therefore the movement is related to the musculature and flexibility. The muscular system provides elasticity for bones to move in space but the quality and range of movement not only depend on muscle contraction and relaxation but also influences the shape of bones and joints, ligaments and tendons, internal organs, some specific pathologies, pregnancy and the attitude of the practitioner.

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Yoga is a technique that contributes to lead a life full of health and harmony.

Yoga helps those who suffer from back pain.

As soon as you practice yoga, you learn to become aware of the body, to be in “Here and now” and to be aware of the movement of the spine

There are many types of back pain : We could differentiate between the groups of people who are over 50 and over and adults who are below.

In the first group one of the factors would be osteoarthritis. The aging of the joints can affect the bones that belong to the spine. Osteoporosis or lack of calcium in the bones can cause pain at the level of the spine.

In young people, it may be due to dislocation of ligaments, scoliosis (deviation), inclination of the spine forward due to bad postural habits. When suffering from rheumatism, it can also affect the spine.

During the gestation period of the woman, the sense of gravity is modified and to balance, tends to go forward suffering also back pain. The Sciatica is also common in pregnant women.

The most important thing is that yoga offers different remedies to these different types of ailment since the asanas or postures adapt to each person. There are favorable asanas for the cervical region, dorsal region, lumbar region and the sacrococcy zone. Many postures help to stretch the spine, calm the pinched nerves, stretch and give space and amplitude between the vertebrae and you get much benefit also through breathing and relaxation.

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