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Can yoga do something for losing weight?

Can yoga do something for losing weight? 1

Does yoga help with weight loss?

We regularly hear the question whether it is possible to lose weight with yoga or to stay on weight. In this article we will answer this question.

To immediately fall in the house: yes, yoga helps people to gain or maintain a healthy weight.


Research by scientists shows that people who do yoga exercises regularly lose an average of five kilos in five years. People from the same sample who did not do yoga arrived six kilos in the same period!

According to Alan Kristal, one of the researchers does not have to deal with the calories burned. Thanks to Yoga, people get to know their body better and they start to live more consciously. This will make them more aware of their eating pattern. Yoga also ensures that people are less stressed, and this stress causes many people to eat extra!

Burn fat

With an hour of Yoga, the body burns about 250 calories, about the same as if you were doing a good walk. Fast weight loss? Then yoga is not the best way to quickly burn fat.

Thanks to the practice of Yoga you will also train your muscles, making them a bit bigger. The nice thing about this is that muscle tissue consumes a lot of calories even at rest! Only because of this will you burn extra calories even when you are not doing anything at all!

Faster metabolism

Yoga also stimulates the thyroid gland. This is the organ in the body that regulates the metabolism and thus the weight management.

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Less stress

Another big advantage of Yoga is that it works very well to de-stress. Learning to relax and deal with emotions can help the emotional eater not to eat extra.

All in all, you can say that Yoga can certainly help you lose weight, but if you want to lose weight it is better to do cardio exercises (running / swimming), where you will burn many more calories.

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