What do I do to be happy again?

What I can do to be happy? is the universal question, we are very used to that every step we take in our daily lives be marked by our ethics, our thinking, our way of telling us that we are good people, here we are wrong, we should have done this , we should have avoided that …

All this thinking when we analyze front we discovered that we actually are not benefiting at any time. There is a point in life where one discovers that it is carrying out a great battle, and this battle is a space just what you want, it is to be. That all he wants is to live, enjoy to be happy, be at peace, eye contact someone and feel grateful to be looking at that person, to hear someone say something and feel at peace so you hear no matter what.

It tries to express that space, but at the same time there are thoughts, opinions, which 99% do not benefit you at all. This takes you away from that space of peace or trying to express themselves take place.

4590700977_434ea3717f_bAll these thoughts do not benefit come from superficialities we have learned over time and have repressed for many things, thoughts like: “If I behave well, will not be accepted and I feel very lonely”, “What will people think me if I do this …? “

To escape this trap we have set, we have bound to exercise and act out of fear, to be happy again must learn to make decisions in favor of that inner space, rather than decide to hear our opinions constantly.

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Here you will begin to discover a very interesting and very intense journey, a journey where each of the opinions you have, such as “Hey, what I am thinking is the truth, follow me, come with me, trust me, reacts to what I am you I am saying, I know how I think you have to be “ here you will notice the great pain that lurks behind that gesture, because it takes you to react constantly in your everyday life.

Did you happened in a specific situation, react excessively? Has it ever happened to you? I’m talking about the intention that one has to express something and feel peace, and do something else entirely. The question is why? Why do I react to insults? Why do I react to the behavior of a person? Why do I react to what I think you should do and not do?

What’s in me that leads me to constantly react to my events? What happens is that we are afraid, we are afraid of what they tell us, we fear what we do, we are afraid of what they think of us, and all because we are afraid to stay alone.

Everything you live in life accompanies you for you to be aware that everything you live in your everyday life comes only from you, that is, that when you look at someone, you ‘re not seeing that person, what you see it is what you think of that person. Depending on what you think of that person you will feel one or otherwise , depending on how you you feel, then you will act. Then you will see your performance, the judge, opinaras, will generate an emotion and return to action.

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Many wake up in the morning and say “I want to be happy , ” “I want to live in peace”, “What I can do to be happy?” And then begin some thoughts that say “But how you gonna get?” “Your you remember what he said yesterday Pedro? You remember? How do you worthy to be happy with the insult he told you? “ And there begins the story. Hence we feel bad, guilty, we believe that we should respond to our fault.

Hence we realize that we are not living our lives, that we are trying constantly to avoid, and that is very painful. Imagine your life pensase like you, imagine that you look up thoughts and is thinking “Uii, look what you done today will not live with you” poof and disappear at that time. Life just is not thinking, not feeling, just as you should not waste time analyzing, thinking, turning to a matter, what they think others, what they told you, what happened. That is, waste your time, losing what matters, the moment that’s what we have and most valuable, it is to lose life.

When we start thinking separated from our consciousness of life, we die, we’re dead. Side effects thought separated from life, thinking like that, are: sadness, anger, anxiety, loneliness, fatigue, feeling that we are dragging our life, we can not with her anymore. This happens when you’re disconnected from your life.

The only way I can feel I’m enduring anything is because I’m not living it , but I’m rejecting it because I do not like it , because “I have a better opinion.”

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To be happy again, imagine that instead of seeing what you see around you, and just open yourself to live it as it is, imagine that you start to reject everything that happens. The situation would be the same, exactly the same, however I would be having a bad time, would be in agony, would believe that the situation in which I have the ability to make me feel bad, uncomfortable, and that’s a lie. When you pull the veil of your lie, and you start to realize that life simply is, one sees that nothing has the power to make anything, which is the way you mean it, that to be happy you need not understand the things.

You can start when you want to enjoy the fact that your life always happens. Practice your life every minute of the day to be happy again and not lose the gift of existence.

A hug,

Elias Berntsson

(Source: Sergi Torres)

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