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What can we do to increase our concentration?

What can we do to increase our concentration? 3

Increase concentration with the help of exercises

There is a direct correlation between high productivity and the ability to concentrate. Forecasts of future results in athletes can be made on the basis of their concentration skills.

Concentration is a skill that needs to be studied, in particular, we need to know that we live in very distracting conditions. Continuous intrusion of information and our high degree of coherence mean that there is always something that prevents our minds from being more attentive.

Mental skill we need to learn to calm the mind, which often follows the thinking activity. We can well teach the mind to be calm, to avoid distraction, not to be tempted to chase after thoughts.

How to train your mind to stay focused

As with the assimilation of any skill, mastering concentration is important in the repetition of practice. Here are a few recipes:

Find a place where you will feel comfortable and calm for 5-10 minutes.

Sit comfortably, put your feet on the floor, do not cross your legs, put your hands on your knees.

Close your eyes.

Keep your mind focused on counting your breaths.

When another thought enters your mind, release it and return your focus to the breath.

Do this at first time for five minutes. In future sessions, increase the time to 10 minutes or longer, if you feel comfortable.

The purpose of this event is not to stop thinking. And to realize your thoughts and strengthen your ability to remain attentive to the object that you have chosen.

What can we do to increase our concentration? 4


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Through this exercise, you will develop an understanding of how easily you get stuck on what thoughts, how they control you, and not you.

With the help of practice, however, you will improve your ability to return your thoughts to the object of your concentration.

Just do not get discouraged when your mind wanders during the teachings. It’s not a challenge to see how long you can enjoy peace of mind. When your mind wanders (and so it will be) just catch it at the crime scene, and then return your attention to your breathing.

Think about the wanderings of your mind, like lifting the bar in the gym. Weight is the resistance against which the muscle should work for development purposes. A wandering mind is also a resistance against which your attention should work for development purposes.

Free exercises to improve your concentration

If you want to improve the concentration and focus of your mind, then you need to develop your brain. The right exercises for the brain improve his work.

Here are some additional exercises that can help you develop concentration:

1. Solve crossword puzzles. Not only do crosswords give you a lot of fun, they can help improve your ability to focus.

2 Changing your daily life challenges the brain. Therefore, do something that would leave the comfort zone.

3. Eat foods that nourish your brain.

4. Get carried away with your new hobby. This is another way to expand your interests and use your brain to learn something new.

 How to increase concentration with the help of meditative practices

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Here are some more useful practices:

1.Medication on site

Select any object before starting the meditation, and study it. Look at all corners of the object. Memorize every detail, shape, contour and color.

Then close your eyes and make an attempt I imagine this object. This exercise helps to significantly improve memory and concentration.

2. Focus on fragrances

This method can require you to walk in a place where there is a lot of plant life. On this walk, pay close attention to all the flavors that you observe, trying to identify each of them.

After a short period of time, you should choose one of all the flavors and try to feel only it. By concentrating on this single scent, you can significantly increase your ability to focus on one object.

This skill can be applied to all senses.

If you have a desire to improve your brain function, in particular, your ability to concentrate, do the above methods. And you will see a noticeable difference.

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