Before starting a new day at 100 per hour, we start by taking the time to listen, to fully enjoy this moment to oneself. Exercise helps to wake up and gives energy.

Position: sitting cross-legged, on a carpet or on a small towel, the most important thing is to keep your back straight .

Empty the lungs. Cap the right nostril with your right hand and inhale deeply through the left nostril. Lungs full of air, block breathing for 40 seconds. Then block the left nostril with the right hand and exhale through the right nostril. Continue the cycle: inhale with the right nostril, block the breathing. Close the nostril and exhale through the left nostril.
Tip: to do every morning or twice a week. Repeat the cycle several times for five minutes.

Anticipate the stress of the day

Five yoga exercises to start your day without stress

Sitting cross-legged, keep your back straight and breathe by plugging one nostril.

The epicenter of stress is the belly . The massage of the latter will facilitate the functioning of the organs and will remove the tensions accumulated by the stress.

The position: standing, feet apart from the width of the pelvis.

Slightly bend your knees, lean the trunk forward keeping your back straight and press the hands in the middle of the thighs. Empty the lungs completely through the nose. When they are empty, suck the belly as if you want to stick it to the back. Keep the contraction as long as possible, without breathing, without forcing yourself, it is important to stay in your comfort zone. Inhale while relaxing your stomach.
Tip: Do it several times for three minutes.

Stretch the top

The movements wake up the body , rusty when waking up after dark. Stretching stimulates blood circulation and releases endorphins (well-being hormone), literally “re-lit” the body.

The position: standing, feet apart from the width of the pool.

Stretch the body as you grow as much as possible , arms stretched up, heels raised, without arching your back. Hold the position for three breaths. Go back down during the last expiry. Still standing, raise your left arm, lean the trunk to the right, then repeat the stretch on the other side.

Stretch down

The dog's position upside down

Empty the lungs and elevate your pelvis upwards. The legs unfold, the back stretches and heels rest on the ground.

The muscles of the posterior chain of the body are now stretched. The movement releases tensions and helps to unlock the body on awakening.

The position: on all fours, hands placed under the shoulders, knees apart from the width of the pelvis.

Empty the lungs and elevate your pelvis upwards. The legs unfold, the back stretches and heels rest on the ground.
Tip: Exercise requires flexibility, if you feel pain behind the legs, make the movement by flexing your legs slightly. Hold for five deep breaths.


The moment ends the movement circuit. It is used to focus on breathing and take a moment for yourself.

Position: seated cross-legged, in lotus or on heels, back straight, eyes closed.

With each inspiration, imagine that the breath makes the sound “so” and with each inspiration, imagine that the breathing makes the sound “ham”.
Tip: Your mind will certainly wander, do not force yourself to focus on breathing. Repetition of the exercise will help concentration.