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Yoga practice in the phases of the menstrual cycle: the follicular phase - MindYoga4U

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Yoga practice in the phases of the menstrual cycle: the follicular phase

Yoga practice in the phases of the menstrual cycle: the follicular phase 3

Women wellbeing depends on the menstrual cycle. Therefore it is recommended to build a practice of taking into account the characteristics of the female body, as this will help relieve menstrual pain, relieve premenstrual syndrome and improve women hormonal background. In this article, we present some recommendations for the practice of yoga in the first (follicular) phase of the cycle, which lasts for the first menstruation to ovulation is about 10-16 days, in rare cases, longer.

menstruation phase

In India, the majority of women in this period generally disclaim any physical activity, and even limit the contact with people, including her husband and children.
They serve no homework and spend time in a separate room, where they were not worried about letting your body be cleansed in a relaxed atmosphere. And all their affairs and concerns fall on the shoulders of other family members.

Of course, women who work, can not afford such a break, but you can support your body through yoga during this difficult period.
One of the greatest Yoginis
Geeta Iyengar recommends that women not to stop the practice of asana and pranayama during menstruation. But it is important to organize the activity correctly.

It is best to choose a sequence: first, asana, pranayama, and then on the techniques and ujjayi

shodhana and finally yoga -nidra. The menstrual period is not recommended to perform inverted postures and asanas, which tightens the stomach area. The main purpose of the practice at that time – to normalize the ovarian function by improving blood circulation in the pelvic area. To do this, you need to develop the flexibility of the hip joints, to expand the space in the pelvic area, to remove stress from the lumbosacral spine and relax the muscles of the uterus. Also recommended asanas for the prevention of intestinal disorders that sometimes occur during menstruation.

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In contrast to the traditional practice in this period is necessary to perform the asanas are not actively and passively, that is paralyzed.
To provide such an effect and relieve the tension from the abdomen, waist and neck Bolster help (or a stack of folded blankets), blankets, yoga strap, a support unit, a chair with a back. Begin to practice with asanas in the recumbent position. It is recommended that: 
Supta Virasana , Supta Baddha Konasana , Supta Janu Sirshasana , Marichiasana , Paschimottanasana , Upavishta Konasana , Baddha Konasana , Savasana .

4 days after completion of menstruation

These days the body recovers from the recent stress.
Therefore we should not immediately begin to perform standing poses, backbends, poses on the balance and other complex postures. It is better to focus on the inverted postures. You will notice that they are getting better than in any other during this period. Inversions quickly restore the hormonal balance in the beginning of a new cycle and have a therapeutic effect in malfunctions of the reproductive system. Recommended: 
Adho Mukha Shvanasana , Prasarita Padottanasana , Uttanasana , halasana , Salamba Sarvangasana , Salamba Sirshasana , Eka Pada Sarvangasana , Karnapidasana , Savasana .

Proliferative phase before ovulation

Proliferative phase of the menstrual cycle lasts on average from the fifth to the thirteenth day.
Estrogen levels rise immediately after menstruation and reaches a peak at time of ovulation. Under the influence of hormones in the ovaries are developing follicles, the endometrium grows rapidly and becomes like a sponge to accept a fertilized egg. Understanding these processes helps to identify how to build a yoga during this period.

In the first four days after menstruation should be practiced carefully, gradually increasing the intensity of training.
But after the restoration and before the expected ovulation Train to the maximum: this is the most favorable period for the exercise, because increasing levels of estrogen cause a powerful surge of energy. Gradually turn in practice more complex posture: it helps to organize the work of all the glands of the endocrine system. Daily perform
standing poses , twisting , stretching forward, backbends and inversions . It is recommended that all yoga asanas without any significant contraindications.

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