Yoga for Beginners: 5 common mistakes of new yoga students.

If you have recently started attending yoga classes, maybe it surprised you how your body and your mind responds to practice. Yoga is a form of personal development. Regular practice stretching your body and open your mind. To better use your yoga classes, it is essential that you avoid these mistakes often make new students.

In case you have not yet started practicing yoga, and are looking for information, I also recommend this article, so you do not have in mind should you do when you decide to go to a yoga class.

Yoga for Beginners

Yoga for beginners. Error 1: Do not know why you want to practice yoga

Many people start practicing yoga without knowing its purpose. This can lead to a loss of motivation, and you wonder in the middle of the class what am I doing here?

Solution: Take a
few minutes before attending the first class and ask yourself: Why do I want to practice yoga? The reasons can be varied. May improve your health or increase your concentration, reduce stress, or get to know yourself. In this article you can see some possible reasons why practicing yoga. Maybe you you find out some benefits that have not been taken into account and encourage you even more practice!

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Yoga for beginners. Error 2: Comparing yourself with other students

In yoga classes you may find a large variety of people with different physical and emotional skills. In class, you may not realize even compare, for example, your posture Downward Facing Dog with others in the class who are doing the same posture. Usually, when you compare you lose focus and you can get off balance and even fall.

Solution: Stay focused on your breathing.
Yoga is a personal journey. Yoga classes is your “time to yourself” is your time to relax, and stop thinking about the problems and issues of everyday life. You will notice that some days your body will feel more flexible and until you can touch your toes when you lean forward, while other days feel stiff back and fit your body inadvertently in the pose. Each person is unique, and the practice of yoga is individual. Concentrate on breathing, be aware of every move, and imagine that you are only in your class and your teacher / a. In this way you will reduce the likelihood that you compare yourself with others, and to take some more of your class time and you will draw greater benefits from your practice.

Yoga for beginners. Error 3: Do not listen to your body

Due to the above error where we tend to compare ourselves , we want to make bids with a difficulty level that is not commensurate with us. End up very tired, and the next day you wake up with aches throughout the body without the slightest desire to repeat a yoga class.

Solution: Go at your own
pace. For each position there are variations that your teacher / a will tell you, choosing at every moment that best suits your physical condition. If yoga asana, or even being at a certain time in a yoga posture you get tired, take a break by going to the position of the child, where you can relax until you’ve recovered. Be aware of your body at all times, and listen. When you can do more, do it, and when you need to do less, do less.

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Yoga for beginners. Error 4: End class without making the final Relaxation exercise

Most yoga classes end with a relaxation exercise. It is an opportunity for lying on his back in the posture of Savansa or corpse pose, rest your body and your mind relax through deep relaxation guided by your teacher / a.

It is also a time that you can use to meditate.

Final relaxation can take 5 to 15 minutes.
Many people, mainly due to other commitments, they leave the class without doing this exercise ultimate relaxation.

Solution: Schedule your time so you can make your class complete yoga, relaxation included.
This time ultimate relaxation helps you to release tenciones body, soothe and rejuvenate your mind and spirit. Do not miss it!

Yoga for beginners. Error 5: To think that yoga is only one form of exercise

Many new students have the idea that yoga is just a physical exercise and its benefits all revolve around the body. Even many do not know that there are a variety of yoga styles, and each has a slightly different approach.

Solution: Yoga is the union of the person with his own consciousness and the universal consciousness.
It is a way of being in harmony with the environment, integrating the body, mind and spirit.

I advise you to
read this article where I explain what is yoga, and I mention the first steps to find the right style for you yoga.

I advise also that you spend some time studying the philosophical and spiritual side of yoga.
This way you will feel the benefits increase, and felt in every practice will achieve this union of body, mind and spirit.

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Final tips for beginners yoga

Take your time, relax and enjoy practice. It is a special time of the day, be aware of it.

With patience, love and dedication, you will
achieve many benefits of this ancient practice.

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