Discover how to be happier doing yoga at home

The practice of yoga takes you down the path to happiness. Undoubtedly. If for any reason you choose to do yoga at home instead of going to a yoga class , here are my tips that will make your place a fantastic experience .

Start doing yoga with faith and determination you can change your life and your personality better.

Best time to practice yoga at home

  • Early in the morning , before breakfast. This is the time when our mind is more calm and cool and can perform movements with ease and vigor.
  • If you can not at this time, it chooses any time of day . The only caution is that your stomach should be empty. Meals must take them 3 hours before practice yoga, but you can drink water if you need it .
  • Preferably, sets a certain time of day to practice yoga, it will help you maintain a regular practice.
  • The exercises you perform them on the floor , on a yoga mat preferably.
  • The ideal place to practice yoga is outdoors , weather permitting. For practicing yoga at home looking for a well ventilated place, you have space for practice and where quiet, free from distractions breathe.

How should remain your mind to start doing yoga positions?

  • Yoga positions should be performed in a state of peace of mind .
  • Fill your mind with thoughts of peace and serenity.
  • Be sure to not get too tired during practice, as this may decrease the concentration in performing yoga positions.
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yoga at home
Yoga at home

During the yoga positions

  • Concentrate fully in the position you’re doing. Focus your attention on the part of the body affected by each position, and attain greater benefit of posture.
  • When doing yoga positions , breathing is very important . Follow the specific instructions if applicable breathing in the position you’re doing, or sequence. Otherwise, breathe normally, rhythmically.

Tips for beginners yoga

  • Performs yoga practice with patience and perseverance . If your body is not flexible, you can prove most difficult yoga positions. Do not worry if at first you can not do the asanas properly, I assure you will be easier with repetition and practice. The stiffness of muscles and joints will decrease gradually.
  • It starts with the yoga positions more basic , and when you feel comfortable experimenting with others level.
  • Always remember to rest between the positions . If you feel tired, rest in the child’s position and then continues the practice.

Other general tips for practicing yoga

  • Do not smoke . If you are a regular smoker, start doing yoga and you can make your decision to quit.
  • Use comfortable clothing , preferably cotton.
  • Be moderate when you eat or drink.
  • Avoid junk food and try to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables . This will help the natural process of your body to eliminate the toxins from your body.
  • A good night’s sleep is essential to the practice of yoga .
  • Your diet should be rich in fiber to avoid constipation, as it is an obstacle to the practice of yoga. With regular practice of yoga and proper diet, you can say goodbye to constipation.
  • You should avoid some exercises during menstruation , mainly inverted postures.
  • During pregnancy you should practice yoga under supervision.
  • It is advisable to evacuate before practicing yoga as well as clean your nostrils of mucus.
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Tips for moderation

  • For the greatest benefits of yoga , do not eat or drink excessively.
  • Controls emotions that come from fear, and make your life revolves around the feelings that come from love .

The way to happiness through yoga will only take 15 minutes a day

Of course! You not need any more, but would be great that occasionally two or three times a week could extend yoga practice longer (60-90 minutes). But any time you devote to yourself, focus on your practice, being aware and experiencing its benefits will be enough to be happy every day.