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Is Kundalini yoga better before or after an intense gym workout?

Is Kundalini yoga better before or after an intense gym workout? 3

Kundalini Yoga: Fundamentals and Principles

Kundalini yoga better before an intense gym workout. India, thanks to its special spiritual worldview, is known as the birthplace and development of amazing practices aimed at achieving a harmonious coexistence of the physical and mental. Including, it is a question of kundalini yoga.

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Is Kundalini yoga better before or after an intense gym workout? 4



What is yoga kundalini

Yoga kundalini is one of the directions of yoga, having special breathing techniques, asanas, meditation practices and mantras . The most important thing in kundalini yoga is, with the help of these techniques, to achieve a uniform circulation of Kundalini energy from the point of its concentration (the base of the spine) to the top of the head through all the main chakras. This allows the yogi to achieve different spiritual and physical goals, which we will learn about later.

Even kundalini yoga is called laya yoga and yoga of awareness . The founder of this teaching was Yogi Bhajan (Siri Singh Sahib). Thanks to him, first the United States, and then the whole world learned about the yoga of kundalini.

The concept of Kundalini

In order to understand the purpose of kundalini yoga, one should understand, and what is, in fact, Kundalini?

The concept of kundalini

Kundalini is understood as energy, which is the basis of birth and spiritual development . From Sanskrit the very word “kundalini” can be translated approximately as follows: “like a sleeping snake rolled up into a ball, a force that is securely hidden.” Indeed, in Ayurveda and Yoga, Kundalini is compared to a snake that slumbers in every person since birth in the area of ​​the muladhara chakra located at the base of the spine . With the help of special practices, energy can be awakened, made to move up through all the chakras straight to the sahasrara-chakra (the upper center – the crown). This contributes to the spiritual development of the individual, creative realization, disposal of diseases, the cause of which lies in the violation of the circulation of energy in the chakras.

Kundalini Yoga Purposes and Its Features

Indian spiritual practice kundalini yoga helps to achieve different goals. Since this direction of yoga is also called the “yoga of awareness” , its main meaning lies in concentrated self-knowledge, exaltation of the spirit, disclosure of the higher meaning.

The main goals of kundalini yoga are as follows:

  • the deliverance from the inner duality, which prevents us from rising above the material;
  • full awakening of consciousness, its purification, expansion;
  • encouragement of inner peace, achievement of high results in business.
Unlike some directions of yoga, where evasion from society and the adoption of celibacy is preached, kundalini yoga is meant for family and working people, which Yogi Bhajan himself noted.

In the arsenal of this teaching special techniques and exercises . For example:

  1. “Halasana” will strengthen the spinal muscles, maintain the flexibility of the spine.
  2. “Pashchimotanasana” – to increase gastric fire, reduce fat deposits in the abdomen.
  3. “Surya Namaskar” – to open the heart chakra and let in divine love.

Kundalini yoga can be quite dangerous spiritual practice. All because when awakening the powerful energy of Kundalini, both the body and the energy essence of a person undergo serious changes . Following the change in the physical body, the quality of perception, consciousness, priorities also changes. Along with the awakening of Kundalini, a person grows confidence in his powers, fear and anxiety go away. Only those who sincerely desire to understand divine love and give their love to all living beings will be able to achieve the highest results in the passage of the path of yoga kundalini .

To begin to engage, do not require any special physical skills, however, it is better to perform exercises under the guidance of an experienced yogi . The testimonies of those who have set foot on the path of kundalini yoga, suggest that the changes occur very quickly. Therefore, without the help of a coach in the early stages can not do.

Importance of Krie

The Importance of Kriya in Kundalini Yoga

Before starting to master the practice of kundalini yoga, it is necessary to pass the preparatory stage, which consists in bodily and moral-moral purification. The thing is that the awakened energy of Kundalini in a person with negative thoughts and qualities (even if his body is relatively healthy) will start to “work” against him . Not cleansing the mind of traces of old karma, and without changing the perception of oneself and the world around them, but having begun to actively engage directly in the practice of yoga, various violations, especially of a mental nature, will start to develop quite quickly .

It is with the goal of bodily and psychological purification in kundalini yoga that kriya is used – various techniques. These include water, air and energy cleansing. Such exercises as trataka , basti, dhuti and others will help develop endurance, develop flexibility, strengthen the body, give strength to the body. Also, special dietary regimens or even hunger can be used to rid the body of toxins and toxins .

To cleanse the mental body, to establish harmony between self-perception and perception of the surrounding world, to learn to communicate with oneself and others at the spiritual level, resort to meditation, singing mantras, concentration, visualization techniques.

The duration of the stage of purification and its content depends on the individual characteristics of the individual.

Scheme of energy centers


What you need to know for those who are just starting to practice kundalini yoga

We have understood that kundalini yoga is a serious practice, therefore it must be approached responsibly and with skill. Everyone who starts yoga classes, it is useful to read the recommendations:

  • The first thing to know is contraindications to kundalini yoga . Their list includes: hypertension, epilepsy, congenital heart prophet, the use of potent drugs (antidepressants, tranquilizers), the state of drug or alcoholic intoxication, cholelithiasis. With any diseases of the cardiovascular system, cases of dizziness or fainting, hypotension, allergies, depression, or after suffering serious trauma, it is better to consult with a specialist if kundalini yoga practice is not harmful.
  • Classes should be held at a pace that is individual for each person. With each training, the time allotted for doing exercises can be increased. It is unacceptable to suffer the pain or severe discomfort arising during the exercise .
  • It is necessary to drink small amounts of water during exercise.
  • For classes it is worth giving preference to loose clothes made from natural fabrics. It is advisable to take off all the decorations before starting workouts to avoid injury.
  • In the classroom you should put pillows, rugs, or rugs under you.
  • There must be at least 3 hours before the start of classes. Coffee is generally better not to drink before yoga, as it helps to increase pressure . Also spiritual practice is absolutely incompatible with the use of alcohol and drugs, smoking.
  • Mantram is an important role in kundalini yoga, so they should not be avoided, even if they do not believe in them. They still work.
  • During menstruation, women should refrain from doing press exercises, inverted postures and breathing with the stomach.
  • Do not fight with your thoughts arising in the process of doing exercises or meditations. Such a struggle will only disperse attention.

But, most importantly, one should be prepared for the fact that kundalini yoga gives incredibly fast results. With the proper execution of all techniques, powerful tools for spiritual development will appear before a person.

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