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What are the best exercises and yogasanas for lungs health?

What are the best exercises and yogasanas for lungs health? 5

Ashvasthasana – unknown asana for lung health

In India, they tell an anecdote about a businessman from Bombay, who with the family went to Mount Materan (the Western Ghat ridge ). When they got out of the car to admire the view and take a couple of photos, the gentleman got sick and he fainted. However, his wife was not at a loss, she ordered the driver to drag the limp body of the businessman to the exhaust pipe of the still working engine.

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What are the best exercises and yogasanas for lungs health? 6


A little breathing a familiar atmosphere, a businessman from Bombay came to his senses and asked what had happened … But it is not difficult to recognize a resident of our capital in a verified “businessman from Bombay!”

In large cities in many countries, the atmosphere is saturated with exhaust fumes and industrial emissions, you can not notice this only by habit. What can you do about it? Far from everyone can isolate themselves from urban problems by multi-stage air purification systems. In addition, sometimes you still want to go out into the street, you want to breathe fresh air (and not from the air conditioner), and even pranayam somehow you need … Almost unknown yoga pose – “Ashvasthasana” – is designed to improve your lungs!

What are the best exercises and yogasanas for lungs health? 7

Regular practice of Asvasthasana helps to increase the volume of the lungs, so that your body gets more oxygen from the inhaled air (and removes more exhaust gas when exhaled). This asana is recommended in yoga therapy with asthma; is useful to pregnant women in the first 3 months.

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  1. Stand exactly on both feet (mat is optional).
  2. Raise your left arm vertically upward, palm outward (to the side).
  3. Raise the right leg back (knee slightly bent), and simultaneously – the right hand clearly in the side (horizontally).
  4. Do not grumble, “chest – wheel.” We look forward. If the position is stable, you can close your eyes, concentration of attention – on the natural process of breathing. Breathe only with your nose, your lips are closed. Relax your face and stomach. Slightly accentuate the opening of the chest, but so that you do not get tired quickly.
  5. We remain in this position as much as comfortable (2-5 minutes).
  6. Then we return to the starting position.
  7. Perform symmetrically in the other direction (left foot support, right hand up, left to the side, left foot back).
  8. We execute 2-3 approaches (with the left support leg and with the right support leg).
  9. After completion, we make Balasana (Pose of the child) 3-5 minutes to relax the tense muscles of the back, arms, legs. If you are tired after the first approach – we alternate each approach (execution to the right and left) by Balasana.

Other, more famous, yoga exercises also contribute to lung health.

First of all, these are asanas:

  1. Nataradjasana;
  2. Ushtrasana;
  3. Supta-virasana (she is also Uttan Mandukasana);
  4. Complex Surya-namaskar (“Salutation to the Sun”);

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