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What Are The Best Habits That Can Make You Be The Best Person?

What Are The Best Habits That Can Make You Be The Best Person? 1

Yoga says it’s easy to stay healthy, just change some of the clothes that lead to bread, misery, and premature death. Health is a birthright, it is as healthy to be healthy as to be born. Changing clothes and practicing yoga is a simple method of achieving health.

The science of yoga has been practiced for over 5,000 years as a spiritual journey. It can also be defined as an integral health system. This discipline helps to achieve and maintain an optimal state of health. Traditional medicine is beginning to recognize and appreciate the value of this practice. Sivananda, doctor, master yogi and spiritual master, has made this science to make it accessible to all.

These four fundamentals encompass all aspects of health: breathing, relaxation, good exercise, good nutrition, and positive thinking.


Breathing is the foundation of yoga. We all believe we breathe properly because we are alive. However, the modern man breathes only one-third of his abilities. The techniques of breathing reduce stress, energize the body and allow to reach high levels of concentration. When we breathe, we will seek the oxygen that is essential to us and the vital energy, this energy at the base of all life. It is important for the elimination of toxins, better self-perception, decreased physical tension and overall well-being. Breathing promotes blood circulation, stimulates internal organs and immune functions.


Relaxation is the opposite of stress. It should be part of our basic reflexes. It allows us to improve the situation caused by modern life and the present moment with greater acuteness. Stress, the disease of the century, is caused by real or perceived physiological, emotional or cognitive stimuli. Adults who are more likely to develop conditions such as arthritis, back problems, bronchitis, ulcers, migraines and heart disease. Integrating active relaxation into one’s life allows the parasympathetic nervous system to become the stress response mode. The more we practice relaxation, the better our physical and mental health.

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Exercises strengthen the body by providing flexibility and stability. The postures stimulate the internal organs and develop a greater awareness of the body. One of the goals of yoga is to lengthen the spine that compresses throughout the day and over the years. Each yoga posture works a part of the body. Here are some postures and the benefits that are recognized to them.

Sun Salutation – Allows the body to warm up, stimulates the vascular system and moves all parts of the body. An excellent warming before any activity.

Paschimotanasana or forward flexion – This posture removes fat from the hips and belly while gently massaging the organs of digestion. The lengthening of the spine improves the elasticity.

Cobra and Grasshopper with Chair Support – The beneficial effects of the cobra result from the beautiful bending of the spine and strengthening of the dorsal muscles.

The Warrior I – This posture improves the overall balance, increases the mobility of the hips, knees and shoulders. Helps open the chest and improves the strength and flexibility of the legs.

Positive thinking and meditation

Positive thinking and meditation remind us of the importance of the connection of body and mind. Clear and positive thinking is essential to achieving optimal health and achieving a rich and serene life. Uncontrolled thinking is like a little monkey jumping from branch to branch without a specific goal. To give free rein to thoughts can lead us to the worst dangers. To train thoughts through concentration and meditation will allow us to maintain a clear vision and align our intention with our actions. Perception, which is the fruit of our thoughts, becomes a powerful tool or an insatiable master. Man is not disturbed by objects and events, but by his opinion of them. It is therefore his way of thinking that will determine the quality of his life. Maintaining a positive and just thinking becomes essential. Positive thinking is cultivated through discipline, reading and concentration. Since we experience reality through the lens of our perception of the world, everything we choose to believe becomes our reality. By changing our thoughts, changing our mind, we become masters of our lives again.

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Meditation empties and observes thoughts. Through his practice, we become calmer, more settled and equanimous. We are then able to have a more accurate perception of the events and things around us.

Yoga improves your concentration

Yoga is a very good practice to improve your physical and mental focus .

For example, when you take a balance posture like the tree, your mind must be 100% present in what you do. If your thoughts start to escape, then you will lose your stability and you will not be able to stay in the posture.

Not only does Yoga help you improve your concentration, but it also helps you measure it . As I told you, in postures that call for stability and anchorage, you can see right away whether you are well focused or not.

And when you need to refocus, you can use what you have learned in yoga classes. For example, on public transport or during your work day, you can take a break if you need it, and simply close your eyes, go inside yourself and do a job of observing your work. thoughts. Just let them go, without trying to control or stop them. Then when you’re ready, slowly open your eyes again!

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