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What are the most powerful yoga exercises to help the digestive system?

What are the most powerful yoga exercises to help the digestive system? 5

Asanas for good digestion

Bharadvajasana I. This gentle twist is a tonic for the spine and the abdominal organs. It can relieve constipation or a slow digestive system.
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What are the most powerful yoga exercises to help the digestive system? 6

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A regular practice of asanas or yoga poses can help to have a good digestion and to treat chronic disorders such as bowel syndrome irritates do , according to Mayo Clinic .

These asanas help to reduce indigestion, reflux, acidity, inflammation, pain, constipation or diarrhea , due to the impact it has on the whole system, from the salivary glands to the auxiliary organs, such as the pancreas or liver.

What are the most powerful yoga exercises to help the digestive system? 7

we present some of the simplest to achieve a good digestion :

1. Bharadvajasana I . It is a tonic for the spine and abdominal organs. It can relieve constipation or a slow digestive system .

2. Marjaryasana (Cat’s posture). Provides a relaxing and toning massage to the spine and abdomen.

3. Bhujangasana (Posture of the cobra). It involves a soft back-flexion, very beneficial to relieve digestive disorders .

4. Tadasana (Mountain Pose). This asana, apparently very simple, can help cure constipation by reversing the effects of poor organ posture.

5. Janu Sirsasana (Knee to head forward). It focuses directly on the abdominal and hip area, improves the function of the digestive tract and stimulates the liver, spleen and kidneys, which reduces constipation and allows a healthy elimination.

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6. Padangusthasana (Big toe posture). Strengthens the hamstring muscles that are still blocked or closed.

7. Paripurna Navasana (Pose of the complete ship). Helps to deeply strengthen the abdominal and hip area; It also allows to develop better balance when toning bones and coccyx.

The calming effect of these yoga postures extends to the whole body to have a good digestion , promotes an adequate blood circulation and strengthening of all the muscles and organs involved, for this reason it is a very effective alternative therapy.

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