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What happens if a psychopath meditates?

psychopath meditation

Wisdom of psychopaths: they should learn?

Behind psychopaths the reputation of unpredictable and dangerous types was fixed. But most of them are ordinary people.

And often they achieve success and recognition precisely because of their unique personal traits.

What do you imagine when you hear the word “psycho”?

Imagination draws images inspired by the cinema: the sinister manipulator of Hannibal Lecter from “Silence of the Lambs” or skillfully “coded” criminalist-killer Dexter from the eponymous series.

Most likely, people from your familiar environment are not like them.

But this does not mean that there are no psychopaths next to us.

Your colleague, or even the boss, may also have features typical of the psychopathic type.

People with psychopathic inclinations meet among surgeons, lawyers, policemen, clergymen

According to the researches of psychologist Kevin Dutton, people with psychopathic inclinations are most often found among surgeons, lawyers, policemen or, even more surprisingly, clergymen.

Jim Carey, vice president of the American Police Association, goes even further: “The characteristics common to all serial killers

– exaggerating their importance, the gift of persuasion, superficial charm, cold-bloodedness, lack of remorse and a tendency to manipulation – are also

found in many police officers and world leaders . “


“Some of the traits associated with mental abnormalities can be practically useful at the right time,” says Kevin Dutton.

– Of course, this does not mean that for the sake of success you need to “go on your heads.”

The expert compares psychopathy with the sun: a long stay under it can cause skin cancer, but a walk on a sunny day – with the observance of all precautions – can have a positive effect on our health and well-being.

Between the criminal maniacs and “civilized” psychopaths there is a difference

: the former do not care about the social, moral or legal consequences of what they do, while the latter realize the possible damage from their actions and keep their dark side under control.

Psychopaths distinguish charisma, ability to concentrate, powerful mind, fearlessness, vigor

As Dutton notes, psychopaths are distinguished not only by the ruthlessness and neglect of others’ feelings, but also charisma, the ability to concentrate, powerful mind, fearlessness, full awareness of one’s actions and vigor in achieving the goal.

“These qualities, if properly developed and applied with moderation, allow us to achieve the goals;

for example, act instead of suffering the blows of fate, be the master of the situation, and not its victim, “the psychologist sums it up.


The paradox of psychopaths is that they can gain wide recognition in their environment.

“Such people can be nice in communication, but that you make them like that.

And this gives you tremendous power over them, “the psychopath interviewed by Kevin Dutton clearly states.

Even being cold-blooded killers, in ordinary life they can give the impression of absolutely normal people .

The expert cites the example of John Wayne Gacy, a ruthless killer of children … who loved to dress up as a clown.

The author quotes another assassin, Teda Bundy.

This brutal serial killer, however, lived the life of an “ideal American”.

Their hypnotic manners fascinate us, confuse us

Their hypnotic manners fascinate us, confuse us.

This ability to mingle with the crowd also explains why psychopaths are many among spies, while the ability to deceive work miracles in the business world.

Some experts even suggest that in the character of James Bond there are traits of a psychopath .

He simply realizes them not on the dark side.

One way or another, there are no features that would uniquely determine what our life will be like.

“The fate of a psychopath is determined by a number of factors – genes, family background, level of education, level of intelligence, capabilities … and a person’s own choice,” the expert explains.


Pain, anxiety, sadness are feelings that most of us experience at certain moments in life. But not psychopaths. They are unresponsive to pain, insensitive to suffering. Tests have shown that

their heart rate even slows down in moments of danger , as they have an incredible sense of self-confidence.

That’s why they can often be found in professions that require a genuine mastery of oneself.

In addition, their desire for reward is so strong that they forget about the pain.

Neuroscientists have discovered in psychopaths a violation in the dopamine system, which is responsible for the sense of reward.

Psychopaths have such a valuable quality as the ability to live in the present

This explains why psychopaths so carefully plan their actions and never miss an opportunity.

Subject to a positive bias in development, “

psychopaths refer to those rare brave souls who will rush to save you from the fire .”

In other words, psychopaths have such a valuable quality as the ability to live in the present.

Quality is even more valuable if you remember that 99% of things that people are afraid of never happen to them.


One of the claims to psychopaths is the inability to empathy . In a sense, it’s true. Here is what a prominent surgeon with psychopathic traits says: “I do not feel any compassion towards those I operate.

This is a luxury that I simply can not afford … Feelings bring with them a mess that can disrupt the operation. “

From these words can become terrible, but think about it: this is a professional, on account of which hundreds of successfully cured patients.

“A psychopath can say,” I love you, “but this phrase carries for him as much meaning as the phrase” I’ll pour myself a cup of coffee, “notes Kevin Dutton.

A psychopath, like a good hunter, must be able to put himself in the place of prey

And yet a psychopath, like a good hunter, must be able to put himself in the place of prey.

Kevin Dutton talks about a serial killer who claimed to be able to identify a “good sacrifice” by one of her gait.

The psychopath reveals the emotions of the other (and, first of all, microexpressions) without taking them.

This ability is called cold empathy.

“He knows where the treasured” buttons “are, and he does not hesitate to press them, so he has every chance to break the jackpot,” the expert suggests.


The mention of the jackpot is not accidental.

Psychopaths can be great poker players.

In addition to reduced anxiety, their ability to concentrate and analyze is above average.

They are endowed with strong will and think with stunning clarity.

We can say that they are constantly in the state of “awareness”, to which we so strive.

According to Kevin Dutton, the frequency of brain waves, which normally corresponds to the state of meditation, is observed in psychopaths during wakefulness and even during periods of excitement.

Therefore, Dutton compares them with Tibetan monks, who daily practice mindfulness meditation.

The advantage of psychopaths is that they

are able to make quick decisions in difficult situations.

Of course, this reasoning is not at all an attempt to convince you how good it is to be a psychopath, explains Kevin Dutton.

“Rather, it is about learning how to see for a sinister picture in our imagination a real source of effectiveness of people with psychopathic inclinations,” the expert says.

– If in certain situations sympathy knocks down concentration, we need to learn to cool them.

Meditating is the panacea for everything. But what else can the mere inhaling and exhaling change? Especially in our thoughts? We’ll tell you what’s really happening in our brain while meditating.

The principle is simple. You sit down on the seat. Close your eyes. And breathe . 5 minutes or 10 minutes . Some can do it for an hour. Some Buddhists even for days. Some say they meditate for years.

Who meditates regularly are better able to concentrate . Is more focused and creative. Relaxed and relaxed. And the wisdom has the Dalai Lama. Simply by sitting still and breathing calmly. Can not be that difficult!

Of course I wanted that too. Serenity , Dalai Lama, breathing. Sounds pretty tempting! So I sit down on my specially purchased meditation cushion . Closed his eyes. Waiting for enlightenment . And remember that the 10 minutes are over.

After 2 minutes, my head answered: “Uh, noticed something? … Instead of sitting around here, you can clean windows. Or clean up. Oh, call your mom again. Such an ice cream would be good too. ”

Three more minutes hurt the back . Slowly breathing and not doing developed as a thing of impossibility . I did not last 5 minutes. The next day I skipped my new routine directly.

But what exactly is this supposed to do? And how? How can I not do anything more relaxed and relaxed? Or. rebuild my brain ? Because that obviously had the least appetite for it.

The art of meditation – what is happening to us?

The head is there to think

At least for the most part 😉 Researchers and Buddhists therefore recommend not to be so strict with our brains. When thoughts come to our mind while meditating , we should accept them . It is important that we look at them from the outside and let them pass by.

So the secret is not to lose yourself in your own mind cinema . And to be aware of staying in the present. It helps to focus our attention on our breathing . So we can give our brain an occupation without digressing in our thoughts.

Why we always react the same way

In the course of our lives we learn to react automatically. Our brain compares experiencesand emotions with a new impulse. If we’ve ever experienced something like that, we’ll probably react soon. The more often we find such a situation, the better the pattern canburn in.

What happens if a psychopath meditates? 7


Small example? Your roommate never gets the trash out. How do you react? You could get upset. To confront him. Or ranting about him at the back. Do you know? These are probably your standard reactions . That loves our autopilot.

What the autopilot can do

As we get angry at the roommate, the following happens: Certain areas in our head are activated. Among other things, the hippocampus and the amygdala , there sits our “fear center”.

These areas in the brain make us perceive the world through our thoughts , old experiences, and emotions . Instead of consciously accepting and evaluating situations through our senses.

Hello, complex world

Our world always requires new solutions and approaches. If we have difficulty “coming out of our skin”, we prevent ourselves from growing. We always value the present with the past .

This makes it difficult for us to think outside the box . Or to respond appropriately in profound conversations. We understand situations slightly wrong or evaluate them biased .

What happens if a psychopath meditates? 8This increases our stress level. We tend to fearful thoughts or feel overwhelmed in this complex world . Mental problems such as depression, panic attacks or serious illnesses can result.

Meditating gets the brain out of the autopilot

When we meditate, especially the prefrontal cortex is activated. This is not so strongly associated with old emotions. This is how we train to perceive things directly through our senses . And our brain does not even get the idea to rate.

We stop being critical or scared. We are open for new reactions. And become more creative in reacting to annoying situations. So why not just laugh and set the roommate the garbage bag in front of you? Maybe he just overlooked it. 😉

Learn to be mindful and aware

Our autopilot forces us into an endless loop . We always react the same, we always act similarly. And we really do not get off the ground. Only when we begin to direct our thoughts and be, can we break the circle.

What happens if a psychopath meditates? 9This “being aware” can be trained and practiced through meditation . We learn to be in the present . And to accept things without evaluating them. This will make us more alert and focused. We learn acceptance and serenity. Lose us seldom in negative thoughts.

Lose yourself in the now

Incidentally, meditating is not just sitting still and doing nothing. Others can switch off better if they are in nature. Walking, walking, staring at the sea. Maybe you are perfect with your senses in the present when you stroke your cat.

Or you can switch off properly while cooking. When puzzling or digging. Whatever it is. Get yourself into this situation as often as possible. Breathe consciously and be mindful . You should practice that. Every day for a few minutes . Incidentally, if you pull the corners of your mouth upwards, your brain will additionally give you happiness 😉

Our conclusion

Meditation can do incredible things if we practice it regularly. Our brain can better respond to new situations. We are open to new ideas. And can break stupid negative endless loops .

Be patient with you at the beginning. Give yourself time to find peace . Every time you make it a few minutes longer. And getting better at just “breathing”. Try it – it’s quality of life for free. 🙂

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