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Which is the best yoga exercise to boost concentration?

Which is the best yoga exercise to boost concentration? 1

How to concentrate: concentration training

If we do not think about someone, do not send him our energy, then the relationship ends quickly – a subtle connection disappears. It also happens with things, home. Without attention, everything is abandoned, empty, unnecessary. And vice versa – attention gives success to business, relationships, brings joy and luck to our lives.

There are different methods to educate attention. Children do this easier, and adults need to learn to relax, meditate – to stop the “inner dialogue” in the head (throwing the mind), to learn to feel the “emptiness in the head.” Then the energy we need will appear.

And if in the head a constant mental itch, it is much more difficult to achieve the desired result. A person spends energy for nothing, quickly becomes tired, loses a train of thoughts, information, memory brings. What here is the success and joy? Only the absence of thoughts and possession of attention gives an amazing state of ease and freedom.

Emptiness in the head

Choose an object or a point – pleasant or neutral for you. Look at the object, not thinking about anything (the look concentrates in the center and covers the whole object), as much as it is possible, absorbing into the imagination the object. As soon as you feel that a distracting thought is about to appear, close your eyes and try to see the object as brightly as possible. This will help to maintain a state of thoughtlessness and enhance the clarity of the vision of the subject.

During the day, it is also useful to exercise. Spontaneously stop, glancing at the picture before your eyes, and close them. Try to restore in the imagination what you just saw.

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Try to feel what is happening in the body. Every object or situation causes a certain state of the whole body (the path is even barely perceptible). Try to “catch” this state and see the right picture, helping the state.

In this way, we gradually learn to remember states, and then, if desired, reproduce them. For example, an artist, a poet, a composer can reproduce and retain the state of inspiration. At first it will resemble photography in the fog. After a while, the state will begin to “manifest itself,” and gradually we will receive an increasingly sharper and clear “snapshot.” But at the moment when we close our eyes, all thoughts must disappear.

You need to train 10-15 times a day for 15-20 seconds. Gradually bring the time of manifestation and retention of the picture to 5 minutes.

Exercise will create a feeling of freshness in the head.

Exercise “Trataka”

This method of concentration has been known since the times of Ancient India, from the yogis.

1. Take the white sheet. In the center of it draw a black circle with a diameter of 1-2 cm. Draw preferably with paints or cut out of colored paper and paste so that there are no divorces. Attach the sheet vertically at a distance of 1.5-2 m from yourself at eye level (you need to look from the posture in which you will meditate).

If we do not think about someone, do not send him our energy, then the relationship ends quickly - the subtle connection disappears // Global Look Press


2. Sit on a chair or in a lotus pose. The backbone and back of the head are one straight line, hands are lying on their knees, breathing is natural. Focus on the point on the sheet hanging on the wall. Discard all extraneous thoughts, just look, without being distracted. It is desirable that there are no external stimuli. This concentration can be considered a meditation on the yantra (graphic image). By the way, the exercise is very useful for the eyes.

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Training of the rhythm of attention

In a comfortable position, relax, consider the brush of your hand, trying to feel every inch of it. To look it is necessary only on a brush (it is possible to blink). If attention is trying to swim away, try to return it. Each new approach can be done in different ways (from different angles, in different positions, in different chairs, in different moods, etc.). The exercise is considered mastered when you can keep your eyes on the hands, not thinking about anything as much as you want.

Impression – erasure

Find an object that is pleasant or indifferent to you. Look at it for 3-5 seconds continuously, trying to remember, “take a picture” (on inspiration).

  • Close your eyes and try to evoke its image for 3-5 seconds (on breathing delay).
  • Exhale, mentally dissolve the image (burning, throwing away, etc.).
  • Every 3-5 times change the way of capturing – erasing, speed, rhythm. Always look for new ways and, with them, states of wonder and insight. This will very quickly move forward.
  • Repeat exercise 30-50 times.

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