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Why do we use a yoga mat?

Why do we use a yoga mat? 3

What are the benefits of a good yoga mat?

Yoga is a spiritual and bodily method to take the mind out of the constraints of the body through your movements, your rhythms and your breath. Its beginning was in India by a school of Indian philosophy then it is scattered in the rest of the world, a lot of technique is used as breathing, meditation, relaxation and physical posture.

The yoga mat very useful for during yoga and It’s helpful to avoid injury while doing yoga. And yoga mat is available in amazon. To buy a yoga mat click this link.

Why do we use a yoga mat? 4


But, it would take a good yoga mat to better benefit from this discipline. A good yoga mat removes any inconvenience without duplicating another. So, you may be wondering what are the benefits of a good yoga mat?

The fineness, a main advantage

The thickness of the carpet can be beneficial in your yoga practice. However, the finesse play a palpable role as if the carpet is very thin (1.5mm), it provides better stability during the standing posture while standing, it is more perfect for the practice of yoga. And then, if the yoga mat is ultra-thick (15mm), it gives a good comfort in the ground posture while protecting your joint. When you are due, the thickness of the carpet may be like a thermal insulation that designates a material to block heat or cold depending on your floor. So, considering finesse is essential for choosing a good yoga mat.

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The materials very well suited

Good yoga mats are very often equipped with a non-slip coating, very useful because it prevents you from slipping with the carpet or the carpet skidding on your floors. The carpet that allows you to always stay in balance are the one designed in PVC (polyvinyl chloride) very compact and recyclable, but the least is that this material is the most toxic causing damage to the skin due to harmful chemicals among the different choices. But many are the major brand that is made of natural or recycled materials, these are materials that prevent you from the toxism and cancer disease, that is to say, with no side effect. The most recommended by the experts are what is built of natural rubber .

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More convenient and more transportable

Lightness, ease of transportation and fast folding are the best aspects or benefits of a good yoga mat. Beacoup likes its aspects because it avoids the problems of displacements and then it generates a great flexibility to be put away in a suitcase without cluttering a vast place. If you are a traveler, opt for the easiest to handle for your trips, your outdoor activities such as in quiet, peaceful and do not forget to consider its lightness. If you are the one practicing yoga at home choose the robustness of the sedentary carpets because with the comfort and the pleasure are with the appointments .

Found at a better price

The good yoga mat can be found at a better price since from twenty euros you can buy one. Obviously, we agree that the higher the price, the better the quality and the carpet will last longer according to your needs. And then, if you like the more eco-friendly carpets, it’s better to dare to pay a high price. So, we can tell you to opt for the best prices because it’s worth it to give you maximum comfort. However, the price varies from 3 to 300euros but for you to see and choose, if you opt for the lowest price then prepare to change it often because it will not last.

To summarize, the benefits of a good yoga mat are numerous. Always take into account the thickness being thin or thick, the material of which they are composed as the rubber more pleasant and the more damping or other natural and ecological material because you are in harmony with the nature, of the way of practice at home or in the nature and exactly the price it’s up to you to play. If now you want to put in yoga? It is important to check and consider the carpet you use for its stability or adhesion.

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