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How can I start doing Ashtanga yoga?

How can I start doing Ashtanga yoga? 3

In this post I will tell you how I started doing yoga and, specifically, ashtanga yoga.¬†Not that it’s a great story, but it’s my story ūüėȬ†If you are interested here you have it:

The best way to learn something is to reading book through the book we learn many information. So, the lot of books are there to guide the Ashtanga yoga. To buy a one of the best book for guide Ashtanga yoga click this link.

How can I start doing Ashtanga yoga? 4


I started doing¬†yoga at homebecause he could not go to classes, both for lack of money and time.¬†Being unemployed and looking for work takes a lot of energy.¬†The good thing is that nowadays, in that situation anyone can resort to the internet, books, videos, tutorials, etc.¬†which are available for free at a mouse click.¬†But what usually happens is that there is a lot of information and many types of yoga, so we can get confused or overwhelmed.¬†I think the first thing you need to know is to differentiate between professionals and apprentices, that is, not everyone has a knowledge endorsed to teach yoga but they can be good examples for you, as long as you are aware that if you follow their advice it is at your own risk¬†In the end, it is a person who knows his body, his own limitations, his circumstances, his injuries, …

I, as a journalist, am trying to be rigorous in my¬†blog¬†and contrast the information I find.¬†If I’m wrong, I’ll try to rectify and listen to the criticisms I receive with the intention of improving.¬†Well, you have to do the same with the information you are looking for in the network, for your own good.

Everything that will appear on the blog will be based on my own experience (as Blanca says, a yogi I met on Instagram), what I learn in my classes, books I read, but everyone should know if he is qualified or not to follow the recommendations, the tips or tricks that you read here or in other blogs.¬†You are already seeing that I am not a yoga instructor nor do I have training in this regard.¬†I’m just an ashtangui, an apprentice (like you).

How did I start with Ashtanga Yoga?

As I was saying, it was very comfortable for me to do yoga at home, because I did not have the time or money to attend classes. Now perhaps I think that somehow everything was to come. Thanks to the stability that has given me to have a job (in the company Delirium Theater ), I was able to take advantage of my vacations to do an intensive course of Ashtanga Yoga, with Ana Lestard .

I was fascinated by the experience, not only the Ashtanga itself, but also how it transmits the classes.¬†From the beginning I thought he was one of those people with a kind of special gift.¬†A mixture of humility, wisdom, equanimity, firmness … in short, a very good energy: strong and docile at the same time.¬†It was a beautiful month in which I felt part of something greater, I felt lucky to have someone who could teach me something so precious to me, I felt like a disciple and I took the course with discipline, seriousness and concentration, with the respect that a millenary practice deserves I did not miss a day!¬†I lived many sensations while incorporating asanas day after day to my series.

That intensive course that I will never forget, tested my dedication to yoga. I realized that yes, I can and I want to dedicate myself to learn Ashtanga Yoga, as long as the rest of my life allows me.

I manage to go to their classes and take time and money from where, hehe.

And because I am passionate about the subject, I have decided to dedicate another important part of my time to creating this humble blog, since I believe that I can contribute to others with my daily experience. If you want to know why I created this blog, you can read my first post Redefining objectives .

What topics will I discuss in the Ashtangui Blog?

  • Information about Ashtanga Yoga
  • How to start practicing
  • Recommendations on how to follow a learning method
  • Learn to incorporate the practice to your day to day
  • Learn Ujjayi breathing
  • How to concentrate on yourself
  • What asanas are the fundamental
  • What you should give importance to and why not every time you practice
  • Unlock your mental and physical limits
  • And much more‚Ķ

To take into account before starting

I believe that making the right decisions can make a big difference in a person’s life.

When you decide to learn something it is good to learn a little to know if you have made a good choice or you have been carried away by fashion. Nothing happens if you make a mistake, because we can always change, but we must also bear in mind that it can produce a sense of failure, dissatisfaction, and unhappiness. We do not want that. So, better know a bit where you get, do not you think? Then you can always rectify, accept the circumstances and move on.

In addition, there is another issue that has to do with respect for traditions.¬†We talk about thousands of years of Ashtanga.¬†It would be nice not to take lightly a millenary practice like this and when we make contact, whether we like it or not, respect its characteristics and adapt to it.¬†Nobody is obliged to practice Ashtanga, the one who wants to do it and the one who does not, because to another butterfly thing.¬†There are many types of yoga and maybe you have not found yours yet.¬†The question is …


My answer a priori is yes, as long as you are not lazy or lazy. There is always an appropriate way to the needs of each one to practice yoga.

Now, it is also true that Ashtanga is one of the most demanding types, it requires strength, capacity for concentration, flexibility, balance, and its dynamism requires a certain physical form. These are things that are caught with practice, it goes from less to more and you do not have to make it perfect in the first place. You just have to try it and with the practice the results will come.

This is all said. And when you experience it in your own flesh, you realize the wisdom of these simple words.

Therefore, do not give it more laps and if there is something inside you that is telling you that you want to try the Ashtanga, do not delay it anymore, start as soon as possible. For example, for many years I had that little restlessness inside, but I did not care and now I think it would have been the best way to invest my time. Now with my age I would have more road traveled, but sometimes I think that everything that is happening we understand it better with the passage of time.

Now, for example, it is a moment in which I value a lot and I appreciate that life has given me a teacher with knowledge of Ashtanga along the way. I do not know if at another time I would have been so receptive.

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