How to Have patience and serenity in everyday life

like having patience and serenity in everyday life

Learn how to have patience and serenity in everyday life

If you are looking to have patience and serenity, read this sentence: “How do you call this peace without precise cause this feeling that everything is in place and do not need anything else? That’s the serenity? “

When a book like this that I present today, from the first page opens with a simple question and yet so powerful is that we will find in it more than we think to take a look at the back cover. If you’re looking for is how to have patience and serenity in your daily life, this is your reference book.

AndrĂ©, already a “safe reading” author of many interesting books including highlight “Moods. Learning Serenity “soon discuss in our BiblioMind.

As in the case of “A cherry on the balcony” Laia Monserrat, it is also one of those little literature for his brief but intense extension and discovery that makes us how from simple can discover the extraordinary jewels.

After a suggestive introduction that I would call emotional photograph of a moment of serenity, the author outlines in 25 articles, an epilogue and an appendix, the main thing to realize that serenity which entails a state of happiness is more than possible.

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“The perception of a harmony between the world and you, which comes at the same time, inside and outside, it has to do with the body and mind” and that perhaps it is one of the best definitions state of serenity that we all’re looking for.

Each text is a simple invitation to the pursuit of that meeting serenity and patience to learn as we want in a world constantly changing. “Sit” at this moment of calm in which everything seems to flow and form a perfect puzzle where everything fits perfectly. You do not have to read such lines, but also an invitation to jump from page to page discovering or rediscovering go each magical moments for which the book is taking us.

Ultimately, as the author points out in one of its pages, “up to us to cultivate that receptivity, be present in our lives, rather than dwelling on the past or the future, wanting to be somewhere else or otherwise, while our life takes place here and now. “

One more lesson that the only way to find peace, happiness and serenity is settled in the present moment in which we dwell in each of the moments in which our existence unfolds.

The rest are looking forward to “fuss”.



Serenity in everyday life

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