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Meditation Golden Light

Meditation Golden Light 3

All ancient religions worshiped a rule to morning prayer at sunrise, because the sunrise – a rise of all the energies of life. It is believed that the energy of the Golden Light cleans the energy body, channels, chakras of energy, unusual practice yoga. Golden light , even with a very non-durable practice gives a state of harmony and self-satisfaction, strengthens faith in themselves and their strength. This aspect impact Golden light confirmed healing practice.

Exercises should be done at least 2 times a day – morning and evening.
If you feel that you are awake, doing exercise for twenty minutes without getting up from bed. When you come out of sleep, you are fresh, and what you do, you will penetrate into the very deep. At this time, meditation gets into your deepest core. Early in the morning when you wake up and awakens the earth, around the world there is a huge tide of awakening energy. Use it!

golden light does not need special posture or yogasany. Just lie down, they are used to lie in bed, on his back. Eyes close. Breathe. When you breathe in, imagine a golden light entering through your head to the body. You are hollow, and golden light poured into his head, it moves into the interior and out through your toes. When you inhale, mentally imagine it.

When you exhale, mentally imagine as darkness comes through your toes, a great dark river enters through them, moving up and out through the head.
Do this slowly, breathe deeply and mentally imagine it. Immediately after sleep you breathe deeply and slowly, because your body is rested, relaxed. Do this early in the morning for twenty minutes.

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Second, convenient times – the evening when you go to bed.
Lie down on the bed and relax for a few minutes. When you feel that you are between sleeping and waking, begin the process again and keep it for twenty minutes. Well, if you fall asleep at the same time, because in this case the impact will remain in the subconscious and will continue.

After three months, you will be surprised: the energy that is constantly going in the
Muladhara chakra over there is not going to. It moves up.

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