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Meditation Liberation from hurt

Meditation Liberation from hurt 3

Take a comfortable position for meditation, so you can easily relax. If your body is in pain or feeling fatigue, lie on your back and abide fully conscious in the present tense. Gently cover the eyes. Stay a few minutes alone with her body. Try to imagine all the parts of your body to release stress and relax them gradually. Then, relax your face, jaw, tongue.

Your body is relaxed.
Feel the touch of your clothing to the body, the air touching your skin. Listen to the beating heart in your chest, feel the movement of the chest along with the flow of air entering into your lungs. Feel the warmth spreads through your body.

Focus on one area of ​​the body that feels uncomfortable.
Focus on this area, define the edge zone of discomfort and pain. Move the focus from the discomfort zone to another area. Think about what you are there feel: warm? ease? peace?

Now again move to the discomfort zone and define the place where the greatest pain is felt.
Try to imagine the texture of the pain. If you notice that you start to feel fear and disgust, move the focus beyond the discomfort zone and experience the ease, which is present in this area. Remember these sensations and try to move calm and heat balance in the discomfort zone.  

Focus again on the discomfort zone in the heart of pain.
Learn texture pain until until you feel disgust and fear. Then again move the focus of the comfort zone and feel the warmth and tranquility of the area and relax. Continue incremental movement of the comfort zone to zone and back discomfort. Be patient. Does not require that the pain quickly went away. Gradually move to the pain area is warm and calm.

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To get out of the meditation, imagine all parts of your body, take a few deep breaths, slowly open your eyes and come out of the meditation posture slowly.

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