New testimony Silva: Fidel and his first results with the Silva Method

New testimony Silva: Fidel and his first results with the Silva Method 3

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What would they think if they gave with the method that would allow them to put a new direction to his life?

That’s what happened to Fidel González , of Mexico, after meeting “by chance” in the course of the Silva Method.

We are very happy to share with you, from the hand of Fidel, a new experience Silva.

We want to thank you for your testimony and encourage you to continue adding changes in your life.

Let’s enjoy it as much as we do!

How did you meet the Silva Method?

I am in San Nicolas de los Garza, Mexico, and dedicate myself to medicine by profession.

It seems that life is very fast, so sometimes worth pausing a little to meditate, do some introspection.

16 years ago I bought the book maestro José Silva, Silva Method , but not put into practice the exercises.

I practiced other methods like autogenous training of Schultz, and I think I removed some subconscious emotional conflicts, so I flunked.

Now casually (though nothing happens by chance) I found your ad on the internet as audio-course, which interested me, especially knowing that is 100% scientific, so I made it possible to purchase immediately. I very much agree with you, Laura, that this method should be practiced by more people in the world, especially here in Mexico, where violence is an epidemic.

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What is your opinion about the course?

My first impressions with material and access to information seemed incredible, because since I deposited the amount your broker happiness gave me immediate access to the lessons, even before confirming the deposit account and reassured me saying not hurry me and I would physically material by mail in a few days.

The first lessons seem very simple, easily understood, in Spanish and exercises (which still practice) produce a very pleasant feeling of well-being.

Have you noticed changes in your life?

As actual results, now I feel relaxed, calm. Was a year taking antihypertensives (for high blood pressure), which caused me unpleasant side effects, but had to take them, but amazingly after a week to practice the exercises of the 3-1 method , I had to stop medicines because the pressure is lowered me more, so it no longer needed to take medication.

Another advantage is at bedtime, with the method the board with the countdown, I have no trouble falling asleep.

I still have more lessons from experience, I am in the process, I slowly.

Would you recommend the Silva Method?

Of course I would recommend the method to everyone, because it is very simple, with many advantages and personal benefits, it is not a hoax, because it is totally scientific, and the price paid for it is actually very small in relation the great benefits it produces.

I wish it was imposed as a class in school academic programs or companies. So I am very grateful, and wish there were more people like you who are contributing to the growth of humanity. Thank you.

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Fidel Gonzalez, San Nicolas de los Garza (Nuevo Leon), Mexico

Fidel thank you for sharing your story. From the Silva Method it makes us very happy to have testimonials like yours that make our work worthwhile.

We wish you many more successes!

And all of you encourage them to like Fidel, we could send their testimonies. We love to read them all!

It begins today and start being part of the Silva community