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Secrets of medicinal properties of Chinese massage GUSHA

Secrets of medicinal properties of Chinese massage GUSHA 5

Massage Gouache – an ancient form of Chinese massage. The name translates to “scrape all bad”, ie “Gua” – to scrape; “Wa” – bad. In order to “scrape”, a special plate. With it was treated with certain portions comprising different points and reflex zones of the body, face and scalp. Reflex stimulation special plate causes a powerful pulse, there is a restoration of the microcirculation of the skin tissues and organs. Tissue begin to regenerate on their own, improve metabolism, triggered natural regenerative processes of the body, there is a lymphatic drainage, cleansing of toxins and impurities.

performance technique

Massage Gouache perfectly combines the simplicity of implementation and effectiveness, making it available for widespread use by Russian doctors.
There expelled difficult stage accurate localization points that required for acupuncture. The impact of being on a fairly large treatment area, and the skill to use the plate is acquired after a few lessons next to the experienced mentor.

Secrets of medicinal properties of Chinese massage GUSHA 6Massage Gouache includes three main methods of exposure: ce-gua – rapid movements with strong pressure (dispersion method); bu-gua – slowly with low pressure; Ping-Ping bu-ce: slowly with strong pressure. Scrapers used various configurations of jade or horn Chinese animals. The massage is performed on a special oil. A session lasts 20-25 minutes. The effect of the exposure begins immediately. First therapeutic zone strongly blushes, burning may occur. Then, on the skin areas that are projected onto the pathological process, there hemorrhage – “sha” spots. Thus, the skin show through “waste” of the process. Stains can be almost black – a “non-living” blood. The appearance of these hemorrhages may frighten the patient, but the procedure is usually a little painful. At the site of hemorrhage in the future there are bruises that pass quickly – within 2-3 days. After the session may receive severe fatigue as after exercise.

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The effect of the massage Gaush often occurs during the procedure.
Therefore, it can be used in the acute phase, for removal of expressed symptoms. The treatment process may pass through an exacerbation. For treating diseases necessary periodicity massages 1-2 times a week after the disappearance of the preceding bruises massage. The course includes from 10 to 20 sessions. it is desirable to hold such courses 2 times a year.

Scope massage Gouache

Scope massage Gouache is very broad and diverse.
Here are a few examples of its therapeutic action.

  • Improving the condition of the skin . Due to the elimination of toxins removed pigmentation, acne, skin rejuvenation occurs.
  • Osteochondrosis . Improves blood circulation in the affected areas, increasing lymph flow, thereby removed the swelling disappears and the associated pain, relieves muscle spasms.
  • Colds . Exposure to light projection point removes bronchial mucosa edema, dyspnea eliminates, reduces cough.
  • Cholecystitis . Gouache procedure removes a spasm of the gall bladder, and normalizes its motility, removes pain, relieves nausea.

When exposed to certain areas of the body improves the condition of
the cardiovascular system : reduced blood pressure, normal heart rhythm. It noted a beneficial effect on the nervous system : sleep is improved, removed anxiety, improved appetite, impaired due to nervous diseases. Conducting massage gouache on reflex zones of the lower back and abdomen improves blood circulation and lymph normalizes the pelvis that removes blood stagnation in this area, reduces inflammation and normalizes the functional activity of the pelvic organs, leading to resorption of adhesions .

Contraindications for use of massage Gouache

  • Infectious skin diseases,

  • allergy,

  • thrombocytopenia,

  • the scarred surface of the skin,

  • fractures before the fusion of bones,

  • reduced renal function,

  • high blood pressure,

  • pregnancy.

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