Therigatha. Poems of wise women for the practice of mindfulness

Therigatha.  Poems wise women to practice mindfulness

“Therigatha” Poems of wise women. Mindfulness for the soul


Today we talk about literature and especially poetry. Therigatha literally means “wise old poems.”


“Therigatha” wise women Buddhist Poems Editorial Kairos


That’s what brings us the Kairos publishing house in this beautiful book of poems full of wisdom worth reading.

Want from Plenacción , to invite also reading books from other spiritual traditions, we can serve to discover new ways of looking at life and help us to work on our personal and professional development.

Therigatha, Buddhist poems wise women with an introduction by Jesus Aguado, is an excellent anthology of women ‘s literature and has been translated for the first time in Spanish.

The poems in the book, have a profound literary quality but also a very special spiritual quality. It leaves each of the poems, a profound teaching and also a good way to practice.

Each of the poems that appear in Therigatha are contextualized in a brief biographical note of its authors.

They are women who grew in wisdom through the transmission of each of the poems that have formed part of the teachings of Buddhism and obviously have a lot of lessons from the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness.

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The poet Jesús Aguado who has been who has been in charge of this release, and got a good book of poems style worked judiciously and well adapted to the Spanish language.

A small luxury wisdom.

An excellent collection of short poems that make up this Therigatha, as in the verses of Chitta or Citta, we learn to see that “the great darkness of ignorance / dissolves in the luz./¡Se dissolves in the light !.

A good light for peace, serenity and personal commitment that we as living beings to put our bit to go constuyendo a better world.

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