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What Are Some Good Daily Habits?

What Are Some Good Daily Habits? 3

All the classical treatises on yoga state that yoga should be done daily, and some practices (for example, pranayama) sometimes even 2-4 times a day. But most practice yoga 2-3 times a week for an hour and a half. This, of course, is by far not the fastest way to achieve all those benefits on the physical, emotional and mental plane that yoga promises. But it is not difficult and not a burden to start practicing every day!

Often, the practice of yoga (1-2 times a week) is so “stretched” in time, that we can see the dynamics (progress) and do not deepen our understanding of practices. Sometimes, training is so rare that there is no progress at all, we are as if trampling down in one place, the practice goes “horizontally”. As a result, there is a feeling of dissatisfaction, anxiety, even despair: -Yoga does not go! -Yoga does not suit me! -This is the wrong yoga! A person either throws classes (because he does not see the results), or – if he still tends to get his way, get to the truth – he starts clenched his teeth, practice intensively, every day. Is it possible to “clench your teeth” and still do yoga every day? Do not engage in as severe austerity – but easy and fun? Elementary!

Yoga is disciplined.

Regular practice of yoga teaches you to wisely and effectively manage time, value time. Classes lead to internal discipline and order, which in many ways makes life easier, making it smooth and harmonious.

Increases energy level.

 Yogis say that the level of strength depends on the energy available in the muscles. Yoga classes in many ways accentuate the work with prana (vital force), which significantly raises the level of energy in the body. Practice contributes to its smooth and unhindered flow, increasing vitality.

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Yoga increases immunity.

 A functioning immune system is a pledge of good health. Since yoga has a complex approach to all organs and systems of the body, classes, one way or another, strengthen immunity.

Helps to part with bad habits.

 Many yoga instructors point out that those who trust practice treats it with respect and understanding, bad habits – from smoking and alcohol to gossip and criticism – go away. The psycho-emotional state is harmonized, nutrition is balanced, the quality of life in general is improved.

Relieves tension and stress.

 Yoga teaches you to get rid of clamps in your body, to properly and qualitatively relax. Practice helps to clear the mind of empty thoughts, leave unnecessary emotions. Over time, these skills go from the “rug” to everyday life, save from stress and its consequences.

Yoga improves the quality of sleep.

 A good sleep is of great importance for the conservation of energy, an active, healthy lifestyle. And insomnia and intermittent sleep cause premature aging of the body. With regular yoga classes, you will sleep less and better, get rid of insomnia.

What Are Some Good Daily Habits? 4


Fast progress. 

Regular yoga classes quickly give them a positive effect. With each lesson you will discover all the new possibilities of your body, stretching will be deeper, your arms will be stronger. During the first six months of regular classes, you can perform asanas, which previously seemed catastrophically complex. And this perfection has no limit!

Forms and strengthens posture.

 Beautiful posture is confidence and health. Even after one yoga exercise, you will feel that your shoulders are straightened, and your back is straightened. Regular practice will make this body condition a good and beautiful habit, which will be noticed by others.

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Forms a muscular corset. 

The muscular corset is responsible for the correct formation of the skeleton, protects and retains the internal organs in their natural position. Yoga studies and tones all the muscles of the body, teaches you to feel your body, live and move in harmony with yourself!

Corrects the shape.

Everyone who regularly and honestly does yoga, has a tightened form and a strong body. This is facilitated by a proper diet, a certain approach to classes (two to three hours before yoga, and at least 40 minutes after practice is not recommended) and yogic breathing.

Eliminates pain in the back and joints. 

If you experience discomfort or have problems in the area of ​​the musculoskeletal system, then yoga therapy is very recommended. Medical research has shown that regular soft practice, which is used in these groups, effectively copes with diseases of the spine, lower back, joints and many other ailments.

Yoga classes are possible at any age. 

You can even start practicing absolutely at any age, not to mention that continuing practice in advanced years will allow you to prolong the enjoyment of life. Classes are built in such a way that they can be visited by a person with any physical training. You control the load yourself – sensations – so that the body does not feel uncomfortable.

Yoga is a great way to meet like-minded people.

The word yoga is translated as “communication”, this is a very multifaceted concept. And strangely enough, yoga is very close. Therefore, if you find it difficult to find new acquaintances, if you are looking for a certain circle of friends – welcome to yoga.

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You can participate in the whole family. 

Yoga is a universal science. It fits both young, and old, and sick, and healthy. You can come to classes with the whole family – with children, grandparents. Practice will benefit everyone individually and strengthen family relations.

Yoga gives healthy old age.

Yoga is a holistic way to health and harmony. Regular exercises help to restore memory, improve concentration of attention, relieve chronic fatigue and tension in the joints, add energy and vitality.

You can practice almost everywhere. 

By and large, the only “tool” that you will need in yoga classes is your body. You do not have to stop practice on a business trip or vacation. The rug for lessons, in the extreme case, can always be replaced by the usual one.

There is no competition in yoga. 

If you do not like the spirit of competition, you are tired of competition and just want to calmly and fruitfully engage in yoga – this is your path. In the class you do not need to be equal to anyone. All exercises are carried out by their own abilities, desires and efforts. The result will manifest itself with an honest approach to practice.

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