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Tips to start your yoga class

Tips to start your yoga class 3

That’s it, you’ve got it! You are finally a qualified yoga teacher! You have finished your training and the time has come to launch yourself into adventure. However, you still have some doubts about the ideal way to carry out your classroom yoga classes or online yoga classes .

It’s completely normal, believe me; especially if it is the first time.

Tips to start your yoga class 4


The goal of yoga is to achieve serenity in the day to day for it, we are going to give you all the tools that will help you to start in this world in the best conditions .

In this way, you can instill in your students and practitioners an effective and correct way to rest and let go of all their worries.

Start with the essentials: the preparation of your first class.

This preparation for some can be discouraging, but it is essential for a good development of the classes.

You can, for example, develop your yoga class around:

Time: calculate the time of your classes

Most classes are around one hour.

The first 10 minutes usually start with a breathing exercise and some gentle stretching on the floor.

In the next five minutes, you will work on a standing posture, which you have worked on throughout the class.

You can devote 5 extra minutes to balance postures.

The next ten minutes should be dedicated to sitting and tense postures.

The last ten minutes can be a moment of meditation (in a sitting posture for example).

Finally, just say do not forget to make the transitions from one posture to another gently.

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Security: your function is very important.

Beyond logic, it is evident that you have to make sure that your students have warmed up correctly and are prepared for each position.

You never have to start any class with the posture of the complete wheel, for example, without having properly warmed the spine.

It is important that yoga teachers understand the anatomy and the human body to demonstrate that they can guarantee the safety of their students.

If you practice at home, pay attention to your body and how it reacts to some postures.

The necessary elements to be able to do it with security are:

  • a yoga mat: in the collective classes you tend to give it.
  • a bath towel to place on the floor.
  • a small blanket for the final relaxation session.

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