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What is yoga nidra?

What is yoga nidra? 5

Lie down comfortably! Let yourself be rocked in the posture of  Savasana  (the posture of relaxation at the end of a yoga session) & let your body settle completely on the floor, your breathing be calm & fluid. Let your thoughts pass like clouds in the sky. And let yourself be guided by the teacher’s voice.

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What is yoga nidra? 6


Let all the traces of the day fade, time to stop, this wave of calm and deep relaxation invade you.

Hello Yoga Nidra!

The word “nidra” means sleep. Yoga nidra,  which literally means  sleep yoga,  is an  inner journey .

Immerse yourself in this deep relaxation & allow yourself to free yourself from stress and anxiety.

Yoga Nidra will immerse you in a state very similar to sleep & will allow you to  regenerate  & deeply harmonize  your body & let go completely.

There are  three states of consciousness:

  • the waking state where you are right now
  • the state of deep sleep
  • the state of sleep with dreams

What is yoga nidra? 7

In Yoga Nidra, we try to create a fourth state of consciousness. As we lie down, the body is completely relaxed:  the body asleep & at the same time our consciousness remains awake.

Yoga Nidra is meant to induce a deep relaxation of your whole body and a deep meditative state of your consciousness. As  Rod Stryker puts it,   “We live in an over-excited and chronically exhausted world .  ” “Yoga nidra is a systematic method of total relaxation that satisfies our physiological, neurological and subconscious needs holistically. ”  During a session of Yoga Nidra, there is a technical palettes that can be used, including guided visualization and analysis of the body, using deep relaxation.

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The difference from a fast Savasana we take at the end of a yoga class.

Yoga Nidra is longer & allows your body & your mind to dive deep into this  precious practice .

Yoga Nidra allows you to relax deeply, it is even possible that you feel a certain euphoria. Your heart rate and brain waves decrease and your breathing becomes deeper, more flexible, more full. The practice of Yoga Nidra allows you in particular to evacuate stress, strengthen your immune system and your health in general, to promote sleep and generate greater clarity of your mind.

Beautiful program!

The more consistent your practice is, the more the effects will increase.

It’s like doing an  indoor cleaning . You allow yourself a dive into your personal and collective memory. Yoga Nidra allows you to gradually access a  new state of consciousness , more awake, more amazed!

Yoga Nidra is  a path to the heart of oneself  & it will open the doors to  meditation .

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