Yoga: 7 postures to relieve back pain

Back pain and physical inactivity go hand in hand: 80% of back pain is due to sedentary lifestyle.

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What yoga poses for health? 18


You are part of this statistic? These yoga poses are designed to reduce tension in your back while strengthening the weaker muscles. Try them!

What yoga poses for health? 19

Cat posture

A: Cat back round
Starting position: on all fours, legs parallel and aligned with the shoulders and hands.

As you exhale, push your hands towards the floor, rounding your back and tilting your head to the ground. The chin should point to the torso.

B: Cat back hollow

When inhaling, dig your back gently back up the head until it is possible to fix a point in front of you.

Well done:

  • Stretches back and neck
  • Softens the spine

    What yoga poses for health? 20

    Dog head down

    Starting position: on all fours, knees aligned with the hips and hands at the width of the shoulders.

    Using your hands and toes, extend your legs by pushing the pelvis up and your heels down. The arms are elongated and the body forms an inverted V. Depending on our flexibility, the heels will be more or less close to the ground.


    • Increases the flexibility of the hamstrings (behind the thighs) and calves
    • Improve circulation
    • Strengthens the upper body
  1. What yoga poses for health? 21

    The cobra

    Starting position: on the stomach, hands under the shoulders, palms and forearms against the ground. The legs are elongated and the feet are extended.

    Using the forearms, use the back muscles to lift the head and upper trunk. Attach a straight stitch in front, so that the neck is well aligned with the back. The pond must remain in contact with the ground.


    • Stretches the muscles of the shoulders, pecs, neck and abdominals
    • Opens the rib cage and helps develop breathing capacity
  2. 4

    What yoga poses for health? 22

    Front bending

    Starting position: standing, legs glued and feet together.

    When exhaling, flex the trunk forward. Bring the chest and stomach of the thighs together. Head down, keep your neck and jaw relaxed. If possible, grab ankles or touch the floor with your hands.


    • Stretches the spine, hamstrings (behind the thighs) and calves
    • Softens hip joints
    • Strengthens the thighs and knees
  3. 5

    What yoga poses for health? 23

    The board

    Starting position: lying on your stomach, forearm flat at breast height and slightly wider than shoulder width.

    Lift the body using the forearms and toes. The neck, back and buttocks should form a straight line. Keep the abdominals contracted.


    • Strengthens the deep abdominals and back
    • Increases the flexibility of shoulder and shoulder muscles
    • Improves balance and posture
  4. 6

    What yoga poses for health? 24

    Position of the child

    Starting position: kneeling, buttocks on the heels.

    Lean the body forward until the forehead and nose touch the ground. Extend the arms backwards, close to the body. The knees may be slightly apart, to facilitate flexion, and the arms must be relaxed.


    • Stretches the lower back, hips and thighs
    • Relaxes the spine, shoulders and neck
    • Contributes to a better flexibility of hips, legs and ankles
  5. 7

    What yoga poses for health? 25

    Torsion of the trunk

    Starting position: lying on your back, arms crossed and feet glued.

    Bend your legs towards the chest. Lay your knees on one side and turn your head on the other.

  6. benefits:
    • Relieves tensions in the spine
    • Open the ribcage
    • Stretches the muscles of the back and buttocks
    • Strengthens the oblique muscles of the abdominals