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What’s the perfection in yoga exercise?

What's the perfection in yoga exercise? 3

Yoga – the style of life or the path to spiritual perfection

Most people around the world get up in the morning, breakfast and go to work, school, university, then come back, eat dinner and go to bed. So the years fly by.

Only a few people lay out the rug and, taking a comfortable pose, meditate. Historically, all the origins of the existence and development of yoga come from India. Anyone who seeks the path of his spiritual cultivation, will certainly meet those who teach yoga.

The human body has its own sources of energy, which at the moment of meditation awaken and purify, heal the gaps in their own biofield. There is a gradual renovation of the living tissue of the human body. The psychophysical state improves.

Plunging into his inner world, a person tries to achieve complete control over his spiritual and mental state. These states can be obtained by regular training. At the moment of relaxation, under the easily flowing music, the personality is freed from the burden of stresses experienced during the day, improves mood, circulation and sharpens the mind.

Various types of yogas have been developed, which improve the body’s flexibility and physical strength, shape and posture, promote the recovery of a worn out organism, calm the mind and unlock potential. There is a change in all forms of human activity.

Daily use of meditation in performing yoga exercises gives a person the opportunity to awaken the slumbering forces in him, the sense of loneliness disappears, fears disappear, the joy of feeling of being appears.

What's the perfection in yoga exercise? 4


The rapid pace of modern life allows us to grasp only the basics of the initial course of yoga. Even at this stage of perfection, it provides an opportunity to strengthen already existing internal forces. People who practice yoga, feel more viable, easily achieve the goal. Yoga is not only the performance of a number of physical exercises, but also spiritual philosophy. At least once having experienced the feeling of universal harmony, one begins to listen to one’s desires, will forgive others and himself, enjoys the feeling of beauty within oneself.

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A methodology of yoga for pregnant women that can attend classes until 37 weeks is developed. Thanks to the exercises on strengthening the pelvic muscles, spinal muscles of the spine, a pregnant woman gets rid of unpleasant sensations caused by hormonal and physical changes in the body. The organism of the pregnant woman is prepared for childbirth.

During yoga classes, you need to eat right. This means that you can eat only at a time when your body is feeling hungry. Yoga gives a person to study psychophysical techniques for controlling consciousness. At the time of yoga, the human energy of consciousness penetrates into the essence of things that are learned. The main purpose of yoga is the liberation of the human consciousness from ignorance.

The philosophy of yoga is to penetrate into the true spiritual “I” of a person who is above the physiological needs of man, time and space. The seven stages of soul perfection in yoga are studied: self-control, ethics of relationships; the discipline of the body, of the breath, of the sense organs; concentration of consciousness; contemplation, concentration and trance.

The practice of yoga reveals the hidden powers of the spirit. Man develops in himself perfect abilities: exacerbation of the senses, levitation, the ability of illumination.

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