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What’s the use of chakra meditation?

What's the use of chakra meditation? 5

The Chakras: How to use in daily life

Manipura. The solar plexus chakra

3 chakra is a fiery solar chakra that gives you light, warmth, energy and strength.

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What's the use of chakra meditation? 6


It represents your ability to act , your will power and vitality .

It is in the solar plexus that there is an unpleasant sensation when you are nervous and feel insecure or powerless.

Balanced manipura allows you to show individuality , delineate and defend your boundaries.

You all know people with overly active manipura – manipulator people, who use the maximum pressure and the order tone to achieve what they want.

The weakened solar plexus is one of the main problems of spiritual seekers … The position of conciliation , both in childhood and in adulthood,  evading conflictshinders the acceptance of your individuality.

How do you know that 3 chakras require your attention:

  • It’s easier for you to agree with someone else’s opinion than to insist on your own.
  • You think that people close to you do not appreciate or respect you .
  • You are afraid to be rejected, too sensitive to criticism.
  • You have problems with trust . You are easily lost in a crisis situation.

Any actions when you “step over” through your doubts and uncertainties help in restoring the balance of the solar plexus chakra.

Anahata. Heart Chakra

4 chakra – heart – symbolizes the transition from concentration on yourself, your desires and actions, to something greater and deeper.

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The heart chakra is the place where the top and bottom , the inner and the outer , connect .

The Heart Chakra is the center of Love . Love, as a form of being, independent of human behavior or actions.

Opening your heart, you begin to empathize with the feelings of others.

How to find out that the 4 chakra requires your attention:

  • You do not accept and appreciate yourself.
  • You do not know how to forgive and often surrender to sadness.
  • You are intolerant of the mistakes of others.
  • You are often driven by selfish ambitions.
  • You are fenced off from the world and are closed from communicating with people.

We are all mirrors for each other, with our experiences and “pimples.”

When you feel compassion and compassion for who you are quarreling with, you stimulate the opening of the heart chakra.

At this point, you turn off from the problem situation, take a neutral position and see the real causes of what is happening.

When you develop in yourself the ability to empathize with a person, regardless of his behavior – you are transmitting the energy of the heart chakra.

What's the use of chakra meditation? 7

Vishudha. Throat Chakra

5 chakra – throat – corresponds to any means of self-expression : through verbal communication and body language, as well as expressing oneself in creativity.

When you are confident in yourself and act from the heart, your True Self manifests .

Your ability to express and hear TRUTH directly depends on the balance of the throat chakra.

This quality is best manifested in everyday communication.

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The throat chakra gives you the ability to make wise decisions , express yourself and use your personal power to manifest what you desire in reality.

How to find out that the 5 chakra requires your attention:

  • You are lost in conversation, you feel like you have a “lump” in your throat .
  • You are having difficulty making decisions, constantly doubting yourself and your actions.
  • You constantly keep back or deceive people close to you.
  • You often criticize and condemn others, as well as yourself.
  • Diseases of the respiratory tract also signal that it’s time to unlock your throat chakra.

When you work with the lower energy centers, the throat chakra becomes an expression of the available experience and knowledge .

It feeds your heart on what you like to do, and shows it to the world.

Ajna. Third Eye Chakra

6 chakra – the third eye chakra looks at the world through the heart .

It is the inexhaustible trust of your intuition . It is a deep understanding that the knowledge that is available to you at this stage of your life is exactly what you need to know.

In the reality of the third dimension, the energy of this chakra is manifested in the ability to perceive people as they are .

This is the ability to see THROUGH the shields and barriers in which the person has bound himself.

You talk with a person and immediately “see” that he is lying or something is not telling – this is the application of chakra possibilities of the 3rd eye in life.

How do you know that the 6 chakra requires your attention:

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  • The very first sign is an overabundance of thoughts and questions in the head.
  • Phrases such as “Eh, I had to listen to myself …”
  • Memory problems can be a symptom of imbalance in this chakra.
  • Headaches, migraines, sleep problems, or poor eyesight are the signals of the blocked 6th chakra.

The third eye chakra gives you the ability to understand what a person wants to say without resorting to verbal help.

Ask specific questions to get specific answers.

Sahasrara. Crown Chakra

7 chakra – crown – this is the union of the energies of all the 7 chakras .

It is this chakra that is considered the container of enlightenment in yoga.

The crown chakra helps you see a bigger picture with lots of details.

It connects your consciousness with the higher aspects of you, opening access to knowledge .

It is an opportunity to hold universal knowledge in your consciousness and apply it.

How do you know that the 7 chakra requires your attention:

  • Hypersensitivity to light and sound stimuli.
  • High level of anxiety and anxiety.
  • Nightmares can also be a sign of locking the crown chakra.
  • They say that early baldness is also associated with this chakra … did not check)

Thanks to the crown chakra you no longer tell the world who you are. You show this with your example !

The stronger your connection with the higher mind and the divine, the more awareness you transmit to our world.

Practical application of the energies of the crown chakra is your inner knowledge that you will continue to do in life.

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