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Very good heart!

After a long time with the intention of doing yoga videos for beginners, for anyone who wants to
practice yoga at home, it was time. Intention and action became the universe conspired to that everything went very well. I am happy and grateful to have had Pascual, an angel appeared when I saw a comment on Facebook where he said he wanted to put me and the videos. And from Castellon to Denia he came to support me with this project to yoga to more people and connect with the health of your body and peace of mind. Thanks to it has been easier for me to carry out these videos and have come out with more quality.

Today’s video, being the first, it has taken longer to edit than I thought, so has left a few days later than expected (plus it took about 15 hours to get on Youtube). So for the next week out in time, I start with it and????

Remember that every Thursday I’ll upload a video of yoga for beginners. Subscribe to the channel to reach you notifications when published.

So here you have it, another dream come true.

If you print positions it is useful to practice them more comfortably, here is the link to a pdf where you will find with good resolution.

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I would love to leave me a comment in response: Did you do the practice that I propose in this video? How you felt?

Any suggestions are more than welcome!

A big hug for you,



pd: Audio from the first 15 seconds does not have the highest quality and there is a misprint in what I say, but beginners are mine … The next certainly be better!