6 Tips to keep you motivated every day

6 Tips to keep you motivated every day 3

5 Tips to keep motivado2

Motivation is closely related to willpower and sometimes get can be a very difficult task. Some days you feel highly motivated and anxious, other days nothing can achieve enable this willpower and do not perform the tasks.

Have you ever tried to lose weight ?, Remove an outstanding average? Have you raised personal challenges?

If the answer to these questions is positive, it is possible that, as happens to many people, you start looking forward, give it up to you, but then apparently the mood is exhausted and have problems to continue this activity and can not find and keep you motivated.

That is why today we want to share with you these 6 tips that insurance will have more motivation:

1: Abandon when necessary.

The first step in deciphering the problem is to accept your lack of desire to work. Remind yourself that sometimes if an activity fills you up and makes you happy, well give up.

Take a moment to think, use your reason to ask the “why” and clarify uncertainties. With this process, the motivation will come by itself.

2: Do not take action immediately.

This step may sound absurd, but believe it or not it works. Use the anticipation for a project, especially when it begins to carry out. Anticipation will help you complete the task and think about how, when and where you will.

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Not everything gets being anxious and desperate, most of the time is good to wait a certain time to ponder the possibilities. With this you get a plan that will help increase your success.

3: Let yourself go wrong.

I’ll ask you a question. If you are presented with the opportunity to make a review of a book and has two options: One is easy, comfortable and entertaining read. The other book is extremely complicated. What would you choose?

The answer is inconsequential.

Since you end up choosing easy reading. Because if instead you choose to read the complicated first, when you start the task, your motivation will be overwhelmed and will soon disappear.

All this would change if you have a clear idea of ​​why you wanted to read that complicated book. Most of the time, lack of motivation is caused by uncertainties, fears.

And one of the main reasons is fear of failure, to go wrong, to feel helpless. So you should allow yourself to get imperfect results. Do not pressure.

4: Divide the objectives.

When you have a dream, you must trazarte small goals to see the level of resistance that affronts along achieve this objective successfully.

Sometimes we do thousands of things and do not know where to start. So when do something, write periods of time, divide the activities into small goals you can cross off when perform them. When you have high strength and your spirit remains intact in certain tasks, your motivation remain high.

5: Take a break.

By having an order of tasks that must be done, take a break will help wanting to continue with your goals, think about whether you’re doing well and consider new options.

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6: Think positively

Share with your loved ones, read the newspaper, watering the plants. Have a positive mindset throughout your day and so will contribute to keep you motivated. Remember that our attitude greatly influences our daily lives, and when we think positive we attract the best things in our lives.

I hope this article will be useful and teach you how to stay motivated in your work.

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